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Salome: Tears of the Goddess  by  Albertina
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Comicverse. Highlights include: Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Gambit, and Wolvie go to a mutant strip club; Logan does his impression of a chicken; X-men throw a b'day party for Logan; and lots of sexual tension between Logan and an original female character. Oh-yeah- also some butt-kicking action.
Logan/Original Character. Rated NC17.

Sapphire Blue  by  Lady-T
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Movieverse. Logan finds a traveling companion, but her mutant powers reveal a possibly dark future.
Logan/Original Character. Rated NC17.

Saturday Games  by  Ally
Movieverse. Sequel to Sun and Skin on Saturday, in which there is much UST and Logan starts to appreciate the privacy of his room.
Logan/Rogue. Rated R.

Scenes From the Longest Winter  by  darkstar
Movieverse. The longest winters are the ones inside our souls, or the ones we watch in the eyes of those we love but cannot save.
Logan/Rogue. Rated G.

The Scent of a Woman  by  Blue Fenix
Movieverse. Logan lies unconscious in the infirmary after the battle at the Statue of Liberty. Dr. Grey takes the opportunity to look a little deeper into his mind.
Logan/Jean. Rated NC17.

Scribe and Scroll  by  Nix
Movieverse. Post X2. Kurt thinks about scars, and Logan drops by for a chat.
Logan/Nightcrawler. Rated G.

Sean  by  Ratmist
Comicverse. Part Two of the Sex Talks Over Blueberry Tea Series.
Emma/Sean. Rated PG13.

Second Strings  by  Dyce
Comicverse. Jubilee realises that no matter what she does, she can't compete with her perfect rival.
Logan/Jubilee. Rated PG13.  Character Death

Second Thoughts  by  Elizabeth Wilde
Movieverse. Part Three of Touched. Wolverine returns to Xavier's School.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG.

Secret of the Bottle  by  Snow
Movieverse. Post X2.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG.

Secrets  by  Zerelda X
Comicverse. Part Thirty-Eight of Pieces of Your Soul. Remy and Charlotte share a secret.
Series Rated NC17 Overall.

Secure Channel 12  by  Sare Liz
Movieverse. Logan requests phone sex.
Logan/Rogue. Rated NC17.

Seeing is Believing  by  Zerelda X
Comicverse. Part Eighteen of Pieces of Your Soul. Eavesdroppers never 'Get Laid'.
Logan/Original Character. Series Rated NC17 Overall.

Sensitivity Boot Camp  by  Diebin
Movieverse. Someone learns how to cry. And it isn't Logan.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

Seven Different Coloured Kinds of Shit  by  Duchess of the Dark
Movieverse. Set between 'Prelude' and 'Fugue'. Logan and Helena arrive in Loughlin City and set about doing what they do best, namely gambling, fighting and hustling.
Logan/Original Character. Rated R.

The Seventeenth of Tammuz  by  Azurine
Comicverse. A "friends seeking comfort in each other" fic. What can I say, I like the old standbys.
Logan/Gambit. Rated PG13.

Shades of Black  by  Lachlanrose
Alternaverse. Sometimes, not everything is the same in the dark.
General. Rated R.

Shadow Man  by  DreamWeaver  
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Movieverse. Logan's trip to Alkali Lake doesn't pan out quite the way he thought it would.
Logan. Rated NC17.

A Shared Peace  by  Rocky-Cat
Comicverse. Wolverine has some issues to deal with while on a mission with Gambit.
Logan/Gambit. Rated NC17.

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