Seeing is Believing, or Eavesdroppers Never 'Get Laid'
Zerelda X

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"How about sand in your shorts?"

"Sounds gritty."

"Guess you wouldn't like sex on the beach, then."

"Don't know, never tried it."

"I figure you would have tried just about everything by now."

"Could say the same for you. How about a slow, comfortable screw up against the wall?"

"Scott and I tried it once. Too much comfort, needed more screw."

"I always thought it could use more wall."

"I never thought of that. We'll have to try it again."

"You ought to try the fallen angel."

"Are ya sharin'?"

"Yeah, go ahead. You sharing the New Orleans buck?"

"Sure, sugah, help yerself."

"Give me another one of those."

"Was that one, two or three?"

Giggles. "Multiple."

"Give that woman an orgasm."

"Try the furry blue velvet."

"I like that one. Just rolls off your tongue."

"Makes me tingle."

"Everything makes you tingle."

"Can I help it that I'm a woman of many interests?"

"Char, where did you learn to do this?"

"This one exactly?"

"All of it." A long, satisfied moan. "That's so good."

"I've been around 3 centuries, it stands to reason I'd pick up a useful skill here and there."

"That's really good."

"Where did you learn that one?"

"It was in Rio, I think. His name was Marco or Paco, or...hell, who can remember that far back? The important thing about him was his hands. He had the most incredible hands. A true artist, ladies."

"You can't remember his name?"

"I have to remember every single detail?"

"You remembered what he taught you."

"Only 'cause it's so much fun. If any of you can remember everything in your life, speak up now."

"I can."

"No, you can't. You can't even tell us how many orgasms you've had today."


"Did ya try sex on the pool table?"

"Once, but I didn't like it."

"What other choices do we have?"

"You an' Betsy had sex on the lake."

"You and Charlotte had sex in the parking lot."

"I'll trade ya."

"What about a kiss in the dark?"

"Absolute sex?"

"Can I have it between the sheets?"

"I think you've been between those sheets enough already, Betsy."

"Hey, when you cut off Jean's orgasms, I'll leave the sheets alone."

"Whatcha lookin' for now?"

"Velvet hammer. I think I left it up at the mansion. I'll give Logan a call. Bet he's dying to join us. You're really going to like that."


Logan walked down from the mansion to the boat house to find Scott crouched on his heels next to his own front door, ear pressed against the door panel, his face a riot of conflicting emotions; confusion, fear, interest.

"What's yer problem?"

Scott startled, losing his balance and falling back on his butt. He shook his head, letting out a breath he didn't know he was still holding. "Nothing, no problem." He looked at the other man, embarrassed to be caught eavesdropping at his own door, his face flushed scarlet and his heart still pounding. "What are you doing here?"

"Charlotte forgot some stuff an' she asked me to bring it over." He shifted the box in his hands and reached for the doorknob.

"WAIT!" Scott jumped to his feet, forcing Logan back. "You can't go in there!"

"What? Ya been out in the sun too long?"

Scott didn't know where this was going himself, but he wasn't letting anyone else find his wife doing....., well, whatever it was she was doing with the others. "You know what's going on in there?"

"Yeah. Don't y'know?"

Oh, god, what had Jean gotten herself into? "You're okay with that?" He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You let Charlotte....? What am I saying, she probably started it!"

"I don't know what yer talkin' about, but I don't like yer attitude."

The door swung open. "Hey guys, come on in and join the party," Jean said cheerfully. "We've been waiting for you, Logan."

He brushed Scott out of the way. "I woulda been here sooner, darlin', if yer man hadn't stopped me outside."

Cautiously Scott stepped inside, not knowing what he'd find, half hoping it would be what he thought was going on.

In the small living room, the other three women were gathered around the low coffee table, bottles and glasses cluttering its surface. They were all fully dressed and wearing silly smiles.

Jean bumped into him, and he reached out to steady her automatically. Her breath fanned over him, registering about 80 proof.


"What's going on here?"

"Oh," Jean leaned against him, the room spinning just a bit. "'Member when we were all at Harry's last week and Charlotte asked for a drink he couldn't make? What was that one, anyway?"

"Um, I think it was a Get Laid."

"Yeah, right." Jean giggled. "You 'member?"

"Yes," he said slowly, not remembering at all. His confusion was draining away, in direct proportion to the disappointment he didn't know he was feeling.

"We got to talking about drinks and the funny names people give them," Betsy explained. "Charlotte was telling us about some of the stranger ones and we decided try them out."

Logan set the box next to his wife. "Whatcha think they're doin', Cyke, havin' an orgy?"

The women looked at each other and started laughing, holding on to each other to keep from falling over on the floor.

"If you'd heard some of the things I heard coming out of this room, you would've thought so, too," Scott defended himself, his face red.

"Later," Jean stage whispered in the direction of his ear. "Come on and try a few. Try the Naked Sunburn." ~Drink now, you and me orgy later.~


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