Zerelda X

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"I don't know how, or when, but one of these days you are going to die by my hand, in the most painful method I can devise."

"You always say dat, chere," Remy grinned at her. "Dat how I know you love Gambit."

"You always do this to me. I'd like to know why I keep falling for this. You're not that charming." Charlotte scowled at him.

"Ah, chere, you wound me. You are so beautiful when you angry."

"Don't try sweet talking me, you brat."

"You know you like it."

She sighed. "Yes, I do, but....oh, I don't know. Just drive."


"HI!" young voices shouted in the small room. There were only six of them, but they managed to make themselves sound like a crowd.

"Hi," 'Zerelda' smiled back at them all. "How you guys doing?"



"I got a shot today."

"Well, Mikey, you are in a hospital," the nurse told him.

"What can I do to make you feel better?" 'Zerelda' asked him, squatting down to his level where he sat in the child-sized wheelchair.

A grin spread over his face. "Magic."

"I want to see 'Gerard' do the money trick!" a small girl called out, her head swathed in a colorful scarf.

"We do it all for you, p'tite," 'Gerard' told her. Behind his dark glasses he winked at 'Zerelda'. "Doan' you worry."

For the next two hours 'Zerelda' and 'Gerard' entertained the small residents of the pediatric ward, making their way through several rooms of appreciative audiences, with amazing (to them) feats of magic and sleight of hand.


Charlotte and Remy turned in their visitor tags and signed out at the nurses desk. "Sounds like everyone had a very good time," one commented.

"They really look forward to your visits," another said.

"So do we, cheres," Remy told them. "We'll be back next month, jus' like always."


Outside the hospital, Remy took Charlotte's hand companionably. "What is it dat makes you sad 'bout comin' here? Every time you fuss 'bout it, den you have a good time."

"I'll tell you that, if you tell me why you don't want any of the others know about you entertaining here every month, 'Gerard'?"

"Eh, it's not 'portant I know, right? Jus' dat you come with me, 'Zerelda.'"

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