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Titles Beginning With the Letter B

Babylon Revisited  by  Blu
Comicverse. Logan fantasizes about Scott while they undress in the locker room after training.
Logan/Cyclops. Rated R.

Balance of Power  by  D'Jean
Comicverse. Part Three of the Full Circle Series. I just spent almost twenty chapters on getting these two together. You think I'm not gonna have some fun now that I got them there? Lena and Logan explore boundaries as Logan continues to help Lena discover the pleasures of the flesh. Logan as sexual mentor, can you dig it?
Logan/Original Character. Rated NC17.

Banishing Red  by  Diebin
Movieverse. Red eyes and Red hair stand between Logan and Rogue.
Logan/Rogue. Rated R.

Bar Time  by  Azurine
Comicverse. Conversation by the koi pond.
Logan/Colossus. Rated R.

Basilisk  by  Sienn'rha
Movieverse. Sequel to "Chains." Logan returns the favor.
Logan. Rated G.

Beauty on the Fire  by  Manda
Alternate Movieverse. Post X2. It's 2 A.M., there is a thunderstorm, the power is out and someone else is awake.
Logan/Original Character. Rated NC17.

Because You Loved Me  by  QMan
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Movieverse. Companion to "Loss". The X-Men talk about Logan, who is seriously hurt.
Logan. Rated PG13.

Bedtime Stories  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Jean is horrified when she listens in on one of Logan's bedtime stories.
Logan. Rated NC17 for graphic violence.

Before There Was He  by  Wolverana
Alternaverse. A movie concept.
Logan. Rated PG13.

A Beginning  by  LoganLuvr
Logan/Jean. Rated NC17.

Belief's Last Candle  by  darkstar
Movieverse. A look at Rogue in the events of the movie and their aftermath.
Logan/Rogue. Rated G.

The Best-Laid Plans  by  Victoria P.
Movieverse. Scott and Rogue try to make Logan and Jean jealous.
Logan/Rogue. Rated R.

The Best Thing  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Part Two of The Hope Continuity. Rogue spends quality time in a Montana bar.
Rogue. Rated PG13.

Between Mother Earth and Father Sky  by  Zerelda X
Comicverse. Part Sixteen of Pieces of Your Soul. The ceremony.
Logan/Original Character. Series Rated NC17 Overall.

Beyond Wake of Adversity  by  darkstar
Movieverse. Logan reflects on his past and on the prospects of his future.
Logan/Rogue. Rated G.

Big Bang  by  Diebin
Movieverse. Part Five of the Love Letters Series (sequel to the Compass Points Series). Logan finally explains some things.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

Bikini Kill  by  Victoria P.
Movieverse. Rogue gets a bikini. Logan gets lucky.
Logan/Rogue. Rated NC17.

Bill and Ted's X-cellent Adventure  by  Khaki
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Movieverse. Bill and Ted take the phone booth to see what the future would be like if Wyld Stallyns had broken up.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG.

Birds, Bees, and Wolverines  by  Shade
Movieverse. Sequel to Man's Worst Fear and Stephen King Had It Right. Scott gets some revenge on Logan, and the Xavier's school boys get an education.
Logan. Rated PG13.
*Links to Man's Worst Fear and Stephen King Had It Right can be found in the Double Helix and Omnibus sections of the archive*

Black Hole  by  Diebin
Movieverse. Part Seven of the Love Letters Series (sequel to the Compass Points Series). And it all goes sour.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

Blades  by  Meghan
Movieverse. When Logan stabs Marie.
Logan. Rated G.

Blessed  by  Eiluned
Comicverse. Logan thanks his lucky stars. Age of Apocalypse setting. Angst, Vignette, Romance. Logan's POV
Logan/Jean. Rated R.

Boy Cooties  by  Troll Princess
Movieverse. The girls hatch a diabolical get Logan to shave?!
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

Breaking Point: A Slice of Fate  by  Lady-T
Comic/Movieverse. Sometimes the truth isn't all its cracked up to be.
Logan/Original Character. Rated NC17.

Breaking Through  by  Shadow
Comicverse. Jubilee's had feelings for a certain stubborn Canadian, but can she break through Logan's barriers with a little unexpected help from their friends?
Logan/Jubilee. Rated PG13.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do  by  Dee
Movieverse. Part Five of Loss of Composure. That which does not kill us only makes us stronger.
Cyclops/Storm. Rated R.

Bubble, Bubble  by  Nancy Lorenz
Movieverse. Logan and Rogue have some fun in the spa.
Logan/Rogue. Rated NC17.

Burlesque  by  RocketJ  
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Movieverse. Logan winds up in New York City after World War II.
Logan/Original Character. Rated NC17.

Busty Girl, or, A Theme Song for Psylocke  by  Dyce
Comicverse. Companion to Chesty Man. A theme song for Psylocke-as-she-is-written-in-fanfic.
Psylocke. Rated PG.

By the Numbers  by  Denise Keppel
Comicverse. Breaking down, by the numbers.
Kitty. Rated PG.

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