First Times and Fantasies
Chapter 7
Edna and Karen

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Summary: Rogue can't sleep and decides to workout in the gym where she has some company, and then things get really interesting.

Notes: Rogue thinks her little 'encounter' with Logan the night of the 'bedtime stories' was just a dream.

Dedication for this chapter: To Edna, who honored me by accepting my invitation to co-author this baby and is still talking to me even after I nearly drove her mental with all my chapter updates, especially for this chapter.

Thanks and hugs to my cheerleading squad: Autumn & Leah for previewing this and to Logan's Marie for the beta.

((Rogue's POV))

It was a couple of nights after our little erotic 'bedtime stories' and I couldn't sleep, again. After discovering that we had apparently eaten every frozen treat in the freezer, I decided to try my other standard late night activity and work off some of my excess energy by putting myself through a little workout. So I headed off to the gym. When I arrived, I noticed that it wasn't quite as deserted as I'd thought it would be at one o'clock in the morning. Logan was there putting one of the weight machines to good use. I stood at the entrance to the gym admiring the splendid sight before me. Logan, anticipating that he would also be alone at this un-godly hour, was not dressed for company. Who knew the Wolverine liked to work out in the buff? I couldn't see 'everything' from my position in the doorway, only the side of one bare hip. I could see the muscles on his legs flex and pulsate, his arms rippled and bunched with every lift of the weights. I stood there completely transfixed, unable to move. I think I was actually drooling. Our little exchange of 'stories' had inspired a wonderful dream that night where Logan and I were making out in my room and I'd finally gotten to see his 'package'. Too bad it was only a dream. Finally, regaining my composure, I cleared my throat loudly to announce my presence. I expected Logan to be startled, to have some sort of reaction besides just turning to me and simply smile knowingly. It was then that I realized that he must've known I'd been standing there for more than mere moments. If his ultra-sensitive hearing hadn't picked up the sound of my approach, his ultra-sensitive sense of smell surely would've detected my scent. I tried not to let on that I knew I was busted. He sat up calmly and fixed me with heated hazel eyes.

"What are you doing up this late, darlin'?" he asked, a slight hint of mischief in his tone.

"Couldn't sleep." I replied, trying to avert his probing gaze.

"Don't you usually head to the kitchen for ice cream when you can't sleep?" He inquired teasingly.

It wasn't until later that I would understand the implication of that comment.

"Can't eat ice cream every night, if I have any hopes of fitting into my uniform." I informed him with a soft laugh in my voice. I didn't tell him that I'd already tried to hunt down some ice cream and failed.

"Yeah, that leather is kinda...... snug." He answered with an unmistakable leer in his voice.

I think I blushed at that comment. He was still making no attempt to cover himself and I was getting warmer by the minute. I think he enjoyed my discomfort.

At that moment he stood up sharply, but turned so quickly that all I got was a nice, unobstructed view of his bare rear end. God, even his buttocks were muscled. He nonchalantly picked up a pair of shorts off the floor and lazily pulled them on. Then he finally turned to face me. All I could think of was that there was nothing between the shorts and his 'goodies'. I swallowed hard at that thought and felt the blush extend all the way down to my toes.

"So, you here to work out...........or what?" he said lasciviously, the meaning of the "or what" blatantly obvious.

"I'm here to workout, of course." I informed him, "You didn't have to cover up on my account ya know." I added, very cheekily for me.

"Well, in that case ......" He laughed, as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of his shorts, as if he was going to yank them down.

He must've seen the panic register on my face, because he stopped.

"Just kidding. Had ya worried there for a minute, didn't I?" He said with a sly smile.

"Who's worried? I'm not worried. " I told him, trying to be bold, and failing miserably. "However you're comfortable." I added unconvincingly.

"Is that a challenge?" he leered.

"Logan, I....I......" I realized that I was at a complete loss for words, but then how do I respond to that? He was asking me if I wanted to watch him work out naked. I was so tempted to say, "Why, yes, please......can I see your dick?"

"Relax, Marie." Logan said, breaking the tension. "I was just joking about playing show and tell with you".

"Too bad, sugar, cause maybe I wasn't." I told him with a bold wink as I headed over to the treadmill.

Now it was his turn to be stunned - good.

As I turned on the treadmill and prepared to step onto it, I realized that like Logan, I also hadn't anticipated having company in the gym, I'm dressed in only a pair of tight spandex shorts and a bra top that barely covered me. I had nothing else to wear as all my usual comfortable baggy workout attire had suddenly disappeared. That would be the last time I let Jubilee offer to do my laundry, it was probably all still sitting in the washer. I might as well have been standing there in my bra and panties or naked even, for the way he was staring at me, his unabashed gaze pierced right through me. I guess that's what people meant when they used the term "undressing someone with their eyes" because I certainly felt like Logan was stripping me naked with the penetrating inspection he threw my way. I tried to ignore the heat that was perforating my body and casually stepped onto the treadmill. He just sat there on the weight bench watching me as I did my best to ignore him and concentrated on walking to nowhere.

I'd always fantasized about Logan and me being alone in the gym, and here we were. Would I be brave enough to do anything about it though?

After about twenty minutes of me 'walking' and him simply staring, he got up and walked over to me and handed me a cold water bottle.

"You look....... hot." He said, the double entendre evident.

"Thanks." I said politely, taking the water bottle from him. Our fingers touched during the exchange and I felt an electrical charge go through me. It must be static. Yeah, that's what it was, static. Who was I kidding? Logan just turned up one corner of his mouth in a slight smile. He felt it, too. I gulped the refreshing water down quickly.

I continued walking for another ten minutes. Logan continued sitting there, apparently just content to watch me. Finally turning off the treadmill, I stepped off it and looked around debating on what machine to use next.

As if reading my mind, Logan said, "Why not use the thigh machine next, that's always a good choice."

Taking his suggestion, I moved over to the thigh machine and sat down, positioning myself ready to start. Logan came over, knelt down in front of me, placing himself directly between my open thighs. He rubbed his hands over my inner thighs about three inches from their junction and dangerously close to my heated center.

I hoped he hadn't detected that my thighs were trembling as he stroked them. Having Logan touch me so intimately was like a dream come true or should I say a fantasy come true.

"Set the machine so that these muscles here get the most effective workout." He said casually, as his hands continued making small circular patterns.

I nodded my head numbly as I attempted to adjust the machine. Logan leaned forward, moving himself in toward me even more, as he reached behind me with one hand, the other still caressing one thigh.

"No, this tension is better." He informed me calmly.

"There you are. Now you're good to go." He told me, giving my thigh a final caress before removing his hand.

A whispered "Thanks." is all I managed to get out. Damn the effect this man had on me. If Scott had been adjusting the machine, I wouldn't have been moist between my legs right now. I gulped in air in small measures, hoping he wouldn't notice, but knowing that he would. If I could hear my heart pounding, I know with his acute hearing, he certainly could. He was pretending not to notice, but he was just being polite.

I worked out with the machine for about fifteen minutes, while Logan was on another machine designed to work the upper body. Yeah, like he needed to be any more pumped up and buffed. Not wanting to waste the golden opportunity for Loganleering, I watched him out of the corner of my eye, quickly averting his gaze whenever he glanced my way. I noticed that he was stealing little peeks at me, too. It appeared that we were both playing a little game of I'm-not-looking-at-you-no-I'm-not. It was unofficially declared a stalemate when we met eye-to-eye and just exchanged shy smiles. It was all I could do to stop myself from turning into a big puddle all over Xavier's nice polished wood floor.

We continued working out on the various machines for the next hour, both of us pretending that we weren't carefully surveying each other. We weren't fooling anyone, but we pretended nonetheless. Finally, I was aware that I'd pushed myself enough to be able to fall into bed and actually succumb to sleep.

"Well, I think I'll call it a night, Logan." I informed my co-insomniac, with a sleepy little yawn thrown in for good measure.

"You really should cool down by doing a few stretching maneuvers or you're gonna be real sore later." He warned cautiously.

I knew he was right, so I plopped myself down on one of the mats and started to do the usual cool down exercises. Logan walked over and sat down on the mat right in front of me.

"Have you ever tried Yoga stretching? It's really much better than the standard stuff. It's also about relaxing the spirit as well as the body." He informed me, arching his brow at me in that oh-so-adorable way of his as his eyes traveled down my body.

Having Logan mention the word 'body' and knowing how he was looking at me, just sent little waves of electrical current right through me like a mini electric shock. I could only nod in the negative in response to his question, words failed me at the moment.

"Ok, then. Let's have a mini Yoga lesson, shall we?"

I nodded my head again, this time in a positive gesture. In my fantasy Logan would be teaching me combat moves that involved lots of touching. This particular scenario would work out just as well, without the possibility of me getting bruised in the process.

"Yoga breathing exercises are called Pranayamans. Prana meaning the subtle energy of vital breath and control of the prana leads to control of the mind. Now there are eighteen traditional yoga postures, but I'll just show you a couple. With me so far?"

I nodded in the affirmative, again. Not bothered by my apparent lack of speech, he continued, taking a hold of my hands and pushing me back slowly. "The first one is called the Pashchimotan Asana or forward bend. First, lie flat on your back with your feet together, like this." He said, as he pushed my legs together as he knelt over me. "Put your arms over your head and rest them on the mat. Inhale slowly from the diaphragm," He instructed while placing a hand lightly on my stomach, sending a shiver rippling through me. "Now sit up slowly and exhale as you do." He pulled me up. "Put your legs straight out and lean forward putting your head on your knees." He pulled me toward him and I tucked my head down. "Now hold that for a minute."

Logan rubbed my back tenderly as I was bending forward. I could get used to this yoga stuff.

"Next is the Shiv Asana or blissful relaxation. Lay back down with your hands at your sides and your legs apart." He instructed, as he was kneeling in front of me and pulling my legs so that they were on either side of him. He was now firmly between my spread legs. "Close your eyes and take two or three deep breaths, feeling yourself relaxing and getting calmer."

I released soft little moans with each exhale as he ran his hands up and down my ribcage and across my stomach with feathery, massaging touches.

He leaned forward and whispered seductively against my ear, "That's it, just relax."

At that instant, I glanced up and noticed his visible erection. Apparently, he wasn't all that relaxed himself. Yup, he was definitely hard. So, he did think of me that way, after all, giving me a delicious sense of satisfaction. I had given the Wolverine a 'boner' and I was rather proud of myself. Give the girl a treat. A chocolate-coated naked Logan came to mind as an example of a fitting reward. I imagined myself licking warm sauce off various hot places on his body, with one place in particular as the focal point of my diligent attention. Speaking of warm liquid, the wet spot on my shorts had gotten considerably bigger. I forgot that Logan could easily identify the scent of my arousal or I would've been truly mortified.

We continued stretching together for another fifteen minutes or so, I was really losing track of the whole concept of time. I was just lost in the heady sensation caused by the innocent little touches Logan insisted on favoring me with, all in the name of teaching me the finer points of the art of Pranayam. Whatever. He was touching me. That's all I knew, I really didn't care why. I even managed to slip in a few angelic little caresses of my own against his warm skin.

Unfortunately, as with all good things, the lesson came to an end, sooner than I had wanted. In my fantasy, Logan had stripped me naked and performed oral sex on me right there in the gym. Too bad he wasn't a mind reader.

I informed Logan that I was going to take a quick shower before heading back to my room. So why did I decide to shower in the locker room instead of simply waiting until I was in the privacy of my own bathroom? I guess I was hoping that Logan would follow me into the shower, still wishing that my fantasy would come true. It was stupid, because Logan had no access to my private thoughts and Jean, Ro, Jubes and Kitty were the only ones I'd shared them with. So unless one of them had gone running to clue Logan in, there was no way he could possibly know.

I was energetically working up an ample lather with the shower gel, when I realized I was not alone. I slowly turned around to find Logan standing there wearing nothing but a dirty grin. Seeing him completely naked was even better than I'd dreamed, the man was simply breathtaking to look at and well-endowed was a serious understatement. Logan could have a lucrative career as a porn star.

"It's amazing the interesting things you can learn from watching the security tapes." He informed me, cocking an eyebrow playfully.

Oh, my God, the kitchen! Our little bedtime stories -- we all forgot about the stupid cameras and now he knew everything. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-I-n-g!

"Really?" I replied shakily, "And what do you plan to do with that knowledge?"

"Prove to you that reality is so much better than fantasy." He answered seductively.

<< OH. MY. GOD! >>

I extended a shaky hand that was holding the shower scrubbie in his direction.

"Well, then, how are you at backs?" I asked him, trying to sound casual.

"Great," He replied, "Even better at fronts." He added, the grin getting even bigger as he stepped toward me.

The first thing he did when he reached me was to pull me into a tight embrace, his erection pressed against me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he leaned in to lay siege to my mouth. Our mouths opened simultaneously and our tongues tangled hungrily. I moaned into his mouth as his slick, hot tongue probed even deeper down my throat and I returned the gesture with equal fervor.

<< He's finally kissing me and he tastes so damn good. >>

He ran one hand down the small of my back and down further still, until it was tenderly cupping my bottom, while the other hand was on the back of my head, firmly anchoring my face to his. I ran my hands through his thick hair as he released my mouth and lowered his to my neck, where he licked at me on the pulse points, making me buckle at the knees.

<< He's licking me. Dear God, he's actually licking me! >>

I clung to him desperately, digging in with my fingernails, as he continued his oral assault. He kissed his way down my throat, onto my collarbone and then finally onto my breasts. The hand that had been on my head was now filled with my left breast, as he lavished it with open-mouthed kisses, moving in toward the areola, which he licked hungrily before drawing the erect nipple into his mouth, biting gently. Switching attention to the other breast, he lavished it with equal consideration.

<< And here I'd always thought Logan was a leg man. >>

I let out an audible "Hmmm".

My hands, meanwhile, were playing explorer all over his magnificent chest, tracing the outline of every defined muscle. My left hand drifted down to stroke his engorged cock. I pumped my hand up and down the silky shaft, eliciting a low growl from him.

<< Can't believe I'm touching 'it'. It was so hard, yet so soft and smooth, too. >>

His hand that had been massaging my bottom had now moved between my parted legs. Running his fingers through the damp curls at the junction of my thighs, he brushed against my swollen clit before slipping two fingers into me.

<< Oh, yes. He knew just what to do to me. Just how I wanted it. >>

I bucked against the invasion as he slowly pumped his fingers in and out of me smoothly. He maintained the steady rhythm until my first orgasm began, the muscles of my inner passage squeezed his fingers as the intensity increased and finally overwhelmed me. I screamed out as his name as I came.

"LOGAN!" << I can't believe this was happening. It was just like in my fantasy. >>

So, just like in my fantasy, I sunk to my knees and stuck my tongue out to kiss the tip of his cock, running my tongue in circles around the head, licking the pre-cum that dripped from the slit. I ran my tongue along the underside of the shaft before taking him into my mouth inch by beautiful inch. I sucked gently while he moaned above me and I knew he was restraining himself from thrusting into my mouth. I drew my teeth along his length and it was his undoing, he climaxed hard and filled my throat with his hot liquid. I swallowed quickly. Releasing him, I kissed my way back up his body until I sunk my teeth into his neck, even though I knew the bite wouldn't leave a mark.

We kissed, caressed and explored each other further, finally sliding to the floor of the shower with me ending up in his lap. He laid me gently onto my back and put my legs over his shoulders, cupping my bottom, he buried his face between my legs. I soon discovered another one of Logan's many talents. A shockwave of pleasure flashed through me like a bolt of lightening as his hot tongue worked his magic over my throbbing entrance. Each lick was bringing me closer to the edge of ecstasy. His teeth lightly grazed my clit and I shattered in another explosive orgasm and collapsed in a trembling heap.

"I want you inside me......NOW!" I cried out frantically, the need to be filled by him, staggering in its urgency.

Pulling me up so I was back in his lap, he wrapped his hands around my waist and raised me up slightly and I impaled myself on his thick cock. I felt no pain as he ripped through my hymen, only a wonderful sense of being filled completely, as I locked my legs around his waist. With my arms clenched around his neck and his pressed on my back, I slowly started rocking to set the rhythm. Logan dusted my breasts with heated kisses, as I threw my head back, moaning and whimpering at the incredible sensations his talented mouth was causing.

"Yes. Yes. Just like that. Oh, God, Logan."

"Like that, do ya, darlin'?"

"Yes. Do it some more. Please!" I was begging shamelessly now.

I ground down onto him harder, trying to get him inside me even deeper still, until he was finally buried in me to the hilt. I squeezed the inner muscles as hard as I could to increase the pleasure for both of us. Logan growled louder at the sensation I was causing and I moaned with equal fierceness.

"That feels so good......oh, so damn good, Marie." He groaned.

"Oh, Logan, don't.... ever... stop. I want you.... inside me...... forever." I gasped breathlessly.

"Never.... letting you go.... baby...... never." He responded in measured gulps.

Still inside me, he maneuvered us to lower my back to floor again, so that he was now on top. My legs slid down to tangle with his as he reached one hand down to cup the curve of my bottom as he thrust into me again and again. The other hand was on one side of my neck caressing it lovingly, while his face was pressed to the other side, his mouth lavishing it with hot kisses. All I could do is moan incoherently, as he grunted and growled in response.

I felt another orgasm threaten to engulf me as I writhed and thrashed beneath him. He was close, too, I could tell, because the tempo of the thrusting had increased considerably. I drew my heels up against his butt urging him on harder, raising my hips to meet each of his frantic thrusts. A tingling that started in the very center of my body, splintered out quickly as everything went blindingly bright in a searing heat. I cried out "LOGAN" as I was consumed within its fire. I was free falling into the abyss and Logan was right behind me as his own climax ripped through him brutally. I felt the heat of his seed as it spilled deep inside me. Logan roared with his final release and screamed my name. He collapsed onto me and I held him tightly, both of us exhausted, but satiated.

The water was starting to cool off and Logan withdrew from me and stood up, pulling me to my feet with him. Turning off the water, he wrapped me in a towel and swinging me into his arms, he started to walk out of the shower.

"Let's finish this in the comfort of my bed where we can indulge in some of my fantasies." He told me.

"Sounds good to me." I responded, as I snuggled against him, burying my head against his neck and giving it soft, dainty kisses.

It was a good thing that nobody else was up at that hour, or we would've had some serious explaining to do as Logan traversed the hallways of the mansion naked, carrying me wrapped in only a miniscule towel.

Finally, we were in his room where he deposited me on his bed and yanked the towel off me abruptly, leaving me naked once more for his scorching contemplation.

"Anxious are we, sugar?" I joked.

"Well, if you suddenly don't wanna anymore............" Logan joked right back.

I responded by grabbing at him and dragging him down onto the bed.

"Of course, I wanna, ya big lug."

"I think it's only fair to warn ya, Marie. With my healing factor, I gotta lotta stamina."

"Oh, sugar, I'm counting on it." I told him as I latched onto his succulent mouth.

Logan was right, reality was so much better than fantasy.

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