First Times and Fantasies
Chapter 3
Edna and Karen

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SUMMARY: Jubilee shares her first time experience and it's not pretty. We didn't want all the stories to be 'sweet' and this chapter was the result.

NOTES: I took the background history of Jubilee, her family's country of origin, her Beverly Hills upbringing and time at Juvenile Hall, etc from her official bio at the Marvel Comics website: and then expanded on that information with my own interpretation of what happened to her during that time.

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((Jubilee's POV))

So your first time didn't turn out exactly the way you'd planned, Jean. At least it was with someone you actually lusted after, someone who turned you on. My first experience certainly wasn't with anyone I had the 'hots' for. In fact, he wasn't even someone I liked. The truth was, I hated him. So why did I surrender my virginity to a man I despised, you may ask? How did I end up getting fucked in some flea bag motel that charged by the hour? And it was fucking, cause there's no way what we did could ever be mistaken for making love. In order to understand how, you first have to know why.

I wasn't always a street rat. I had a home and not just any home, either. I was a Beverly Hills 'princess' with all the requisite trappings - the fancy house, fancy clothes, fancy friends and the snotty attitude to go with it all. I had the whole rich kid 'image' perfected down to an art form. I thought I was above everyone and never anticipated a fall or exactly just how far I would plunge. My parents had perfected the image too, my father the successful doctor and my mother his consummate, socialite wife. The decision to immigrate from China was the smartest choice they ever made, or so they thought. My life was proceeding along perfectly. I attended a private, exclusive Beverly Hills school where I was the star gymnast and the center of my circle of equally rich and snotty friends.

My parents, unfortunately, weren't as clever as they thought they were, and it would cost us all everything we had, and then some. Like a lot of people who acquire so much wealth and don't have a clue how to manage it, my parents enlisted the services of a financial advisor who was supposed to invest and protect our money. Well, he achieved the investing part sufficiently, but somehow never got the grasp of the protecting aspect. With just a few horrendous investments, he managed to lose most of our money. I came home one Friday afternoon to the disastrous news that we were gonna have to move into an apartment and not even in Beverly Hills, but in the San Fernando Valley. I went from Beverly Hills brat to valley girl in the space of one afternoon. To say I was royally pissed at my parents for having the audacity to disrupt my 'perfect ' life was an understatement. I stormed off in a flood of tears to spend the weekend with my best pal, Muffy, the angry words I spat at my parents still ringing in my ears. It was the last thing I ever said to them.

The police officers came to Muffy's house to inform me, that in a horrible case of mistaken identity, my parents had been brutally murdered by hit men. It didn't register right away, that if I hadn't been at Muffy's, I would've been dead, too.

If I'd known the immediate future I was facing, I would've regretted not being home that weekend. For the longest time, I felt I would've been better off being murdered along with my parents. I had no money, no home and no close relatives. So, because I was only fifteen, I was shipped off to the Los Angeles County Juvenile Hall like some kind of criminal. I soon discovered my new accommodations were far worse than any low class apartment in the Valley. It was only supposed to be a temporary situation until an opening in the county orphanage opened up. The fire or the frying pan - it was some choice.

To say I was initially out of my element when I first arrived at Juvey, was an understatement of epic proportions. The other inmates, I mean residents, derived immense pleasure in torturing the 'little princess'. With most of them never having lived in a decent home, let alone a Beverly Hills mansion, the resentment level toward me was off the charts. I was picked on constantly and I quickly discovered that being a pampered little brat hadn't exactly been a conducive environment to learn about defending myself. Consequently, I endured the incessant onslaught of pummeling from an array of street-wise gutter trash. The bitch nurse in the infirmary sarcastically offered me a 'frequent customer discount.' Tired of constantly being used as a punching bag, I finally learned how to protect myself and was soon giving as good as I was getting. I started sending Nurse Nightmare 'customers' instead of being one.

My caseworker during this entire fiasco was a dick by the name of Colton Deerfield. He was an Ivy League school graduate with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Behavioral Studies or as he lamely joked, a BS in BS. Colton was the walking, talking definition of a horse's ass. He was also thirty years old, six feet four, with beach blonde hair, emerald green eyes, the chiseled face of a GQ model and tanned and toned muscular body of a Greek god. It was such a beautiful package with such ugly contents - what a complete waste. Most of the girls at Juvey, however, swarmed around Colton like bees to pollen, except me, of course. I had no intentions of being another one of his conquests, to be casually checked off his list of people 'to do'. I guess that's what made me such an intriguing challenge for him. He flirted outrageously and the more I rebuffed him, the harder he tried. I was starting to put a serious dent is his carefully cultivated reputation and he was running out of patience. Someone was going to win our little stand off. I just didn't realize at the time, that it wouldn't be me.

Colton had worked his way through most of the female residents and staff at Juvey. Most of them were eager and willing participants in his twisted little game of 'Fuck Olympics'. Ignoring the arrogant, pompous, self-serving attitude and not bothering to look beyond the exterior package of goodies, the man was, I concede, definitely fuckable. He had every female with a discernable pulse within a one-mile radius jockeying to be his 'special friend' of the moment. Women literally fell over onto their backs with their legs in the air whenever he was around. It was totally pathetic and naturally, he thrived on it.

Nobody in authority seemed to care that half his conquests were well below the age of consent. And if a girl still had her 'cherry', well, better still, as far as he was concerned. Colton took great pride in being the unofficial deflowerer of the State of California's Juvenile Hall's 'guests'. Some of the dumber virgins even felt it was an honor to 'give it up' to such a stud - please! His lascivious demeanor just served to further turn me off and make me determined never to acquiesce to his lecherous whims. Well, at least not without a damn good fight.

I had apparently been targeted by Colton to be his latest 'special friend' and was the recipient of more than my share of his attention. He'd bring me special treats of my favorite candy bar or the latest edition of some fashion magazine he knew I craved as much as the chocolate. I played along, even letting him get in the occasional accidentally-on-purpose touch. If letting Colton feel me up meant I got my hands on this month's Cosmo, then it was the price I was willing to pay. Unfortunately, I soon found out that he wasn't gonna be satisfied with just occasionally brushing up against my boobs. He wanted me on my knees in front of him with his cock in my mouth or flat out on my back, naked as the day I was born, preferably both.

Colton decided one hot, sticky August afternoon that he'd had enough of my touch-me-but-don't attitude and I was gonna finally 'give it up' one way or another. On one of our weekly excursions to the Hollywood Mall, I'd gotten caught shoplifting again and had to make the obligatory appearance in court so that I could have my wrists officially slapped. I'd simply stood there looking bored as they read off a litany of my latest offenses. Colton gave me his standard "I'm so ashamed of your behavior and you're making me look bad" speech as we pulled out of the courthouse parking lot. I didn't waste the effort bothering to conceal my utter contempt at the whole procedure.

We were heading back to Juvenile Hall when Colton hit me with a bombshell. Some long lost relatives of my mother's had been located in Communist China and it was just a matter of processing the paperwork and I'd been on my way to my new 'home'. I absorbed this information like someone who'd just been sentenced to the electric chair. I shamelessly begged and pleaded for Colton to intervene, telling him I'd do anything to avoid being sent behind the dreaded Iron Curtain.

That, ladies, was my fatal mistake, because Colton pounced all over that offer like a lion on a weak gazelle. He informed me that it was possible that the transfer of custody paperwork could accidentally be 'lost' for months, maybe even a whole year.

My eyes lit up at that prospect, forgetting that everything Colton did came with a gigantic price tag attached. I was desperate. He knew it and he moved in for the kill. If we were friends, he told me, if we were 'close' friends, he'd willingly stick his neck out, risking his very job even, to help me. If screwing thirteen year-olds hadn't so much as dulled the luster on his stellar career, why should losing paperwork have any detrimental effect? Of course, I wasn't thinking logically at that particular moment. All I understood was that I had to delay my one-way ticket to hell. So I made a deal with the devil. I offered myself to Colton on a platter, and being the bastard that he was, he took me up on it instantaneously.

We pulled into a dingy looking little motel that was obviously frequented by people who didn't bother asking the person they were with a lot of questions, like their name for example. I had a feeling that most of the men who used the services of this particular establishment were called "John", if you know what I mean. Okay, so I wasn't expecting him to take me to a five-star hotel, but I wasn't expecting it to be a no-star, probably-only-changed-the-sheets-monthly, charge-by-the-hour kind of place, either. Yeah, I thought to myself sarcastically, this place was definitely gonna produce some fond memories, that's for sure.

We head towards 'suite' number 10 without checking in at the office, a key already clutched in Colton's hand. That's when it hit me. The bastard had this planned! He was probably here so often the room was likely rented by the month. Maybe I'd luck out and it had recently been change-the-sheets time of the month. A shudder ran through me. I'd always wanted my 'first' time to be special, and this was about as far removed from special as I could possibly get. I tried to reason with myself that it could've been much worse. The fact that Colton wasn't a big, fat, ugly middle-aged pig who would sweat all over me during sex was some comfort. If I could somehow kick my imagination into high gear, I could maybe even pretend I was being made love to instead of just being fucked.

Colton opened the door to number 10 and stepped aside to let me enter first.

What a gentleman. What a joke. I felt like a lamb to the slaughter as I entered the musty room cautiously. I had fleeting thoughts of turning and bolting through the parking lot, but realized that Colton could probably outrun me, and being tackled to the ground and dragged back would only further add to my humiliation.

Colton didn't look like the type that bothered with foreplay, if I cooperated, the whole thing should be over relatively quickly.

I turned and asked him if he had a condom. He looked at me incredulously, like I was mental or something. Of course, he would have a damn condom. The man most likely owned stock in Trojan. The bastard may be many things, but stupid enough to leave himself vulnerable to disease was not one of them. So at least I would survive this encounter without something fatal or worse, pregnant.

Colton closed and locked the door as if he were expecting the 'morality police' to come and raid the place at any moment and haul him away. No such luck. The mini blinds were partially closed, leaving the room in semi-darkness. Colton switched on the small lamp on the dusty dresser. Taking a cleaning cloth to this place was noticeably not a priority of their maid service. I thought back to my beautiful bedroom in Beverly Hills and a tear formed in the corner of my eye. Wiping it away as it slid down my cheek, I was determined not to let Colton see my anxiety. The asshole conceivably even 'got off' on the fear he inflicted on us less than willing participants. It was time to face the proverbial 'music'. I would be strong, I would be fearless, I would not cry.

What happened next surprised even me. Colton gathered me in his arms, leaned down and captured my mouth with his in a genuinely tender kiss. He ran his warm tongue softly over my lips. Using his thumb to pull down on my chin, parting my lips slightly, he sunk his tongue into my mouth. Having never kissed more than my pillow, I was unprepared for the sensation of his invading tongue. He ran it over the ridge of my teeth before probing deeper, brushing it against my smaller tongue. He tasted like peppermint. How considerate of him to eat a breath mint I thought. I think my head started to spin. It wasn't too bad, actually. Colton was a hell of a kisser - damn him. I'd vowed I wasn't going to enjoy any aspect of this 'obligation'. So why were my hands around his neck in a lover's embrace?

One of his hands was cupping my right breast, while the other reached around to the back of my sundress. Okay, so now we were getting down to 'business'. He deftly lowered the zipper of the pale yellow material and slowly eased the dress off my shoulders and down my arms. The dress fell in a cotton puddle on the unvacuumed orange shag carpet. It may have been one of my favorite dresses, but I was still gonna burn it later. Colton was pressing butterfly kisses to my bare shoulders as he lowered the straps of my lemon-colored silk bra. Reaching behind me once again, he unsnapped the clasp expertly and slid the bra off completely. He brushed his fingertips over one of my nipples and it hardened instantly under his touch. Then he bent his head to lave the areola with his tongue. Trailing moist kisses down onto my stomach, he was now on his knees before me. He pressed a kiss to my pubic mound through the lemon-colored silk panties before hooking his fingers into the band and gradually lowering them down my legs. Despite my best efforts, I found myself getting wet. I lifted my feet to step out of the panties and Colton tossed them across the room. Backing me up to the bed, he sat me down on the edge and then proceeded to remove his own clothes.

I unexpectedly found myself getting aroused as Colton languidly stripped. The man certainly knew how to put on a good show. He could give the Chippendales Dancers some serious competition. The tie was unknotted and tossed aside first, then the buttons of the white cotton dress shirt were popped open and the material was spread apart gradually, revealing the well-defined bronzed muscles of his spectacular chest. He shucked the shirt off and threw it to the floor. Undoing the belt of his navy slacks, he lowered the zipper slowly. Dropping the slacks to the floor and stepping out of them, he kicked them aside leaving him standing there in a pair of burgundy silk boxers that were tenting slightly from his erection. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband, he quickly removed the boxers, adding them to the growing heap of clothing scattered around the room, and giving me my first good look at my fate. I swallowed hard. I'd never seen one, except for that one time Muffy and I had snuck a quick peak at her mother's Playgirl magazine. I may not have had a lot of knowledge on which to base a comparison, but I was fairly certain that what Colton was displaying was gonna hurt. He must have read my mind, because he reassured me that he'd never had any problems and that he'd make sure I was nice and wet before he attempted penetration. How considerate of him. He was such a gentleman I thought sarcastically.

He strode over to the bed and pushed me down onto the green flowered comforter. I expected him to crawl on top of me and get right to 'it'. Instead he knelt down at the foot of the bed, and taking a hold of my legs, slid me down toward him until my bottom was at the very edge. Placing my legs over his shoulders he bent his head down until he was eye level with the junction between my legs. He snaked his tongue out and took a long swipe over my entrance. I involuntarily let out a low moan at the contact. He continued to assault me with his hot tongue, laving me up and down, paying special attention to my now swollen clit. Lying on my back, I twisted and writhed, tossing my head from side to side while clutching at the ugly comforter with clenched fingers. A strange sensation started emanating from the center of my body and spread rapidly downward. I felt an intense heat as the tingling increased. Suddenly, I bucked against Colton's mouth as the orgasm engulfed me. Colton continued licking at me, as my juices dribbled down his chin.

I was still vibrating as he dragged himself up my body until his face was buried in my neck. Pressing open-mouthed moist kisses to previously unknown erogenous points on my neck, he whispered in my ear that I tasted delicious. Caressing hands ran up and down my body, as I lay there amazingly enjoying his ministrations. His hands soon worked their way down to spread my legs apart. Stopping just long enough to roll a condom onto his engorged cock, he settled himself between my open legs. It was lucky for me that I was soaking wet, because Colton guided the head of his cock to my entrance and plunged into me hard and fast. I raised my hips off the bed sharply as he tore my hymen.

A knifelike stabbing pain seemed to last an eternity as he pushed in to the hilt. He pulled back out slightly before plunging back in again roughly. I didn't move as he set the rhythm, not taking into consideration my comfort or pleasure. I simply lay there as he thrust into me over and over. I squeezed my eyes shut, praying that Colton didn't have a lot of stamina and this would be over soon. Luckily for me, Colton wasn't an 'all-nighter' and before long he was trembling with the start of his own orgasm. Moments later he convulsed abruptly and exploded into me. He withdrew rapidly and lifting himself off the bed, stalked into the bathroom instructing me to get my clothes back on. I had kept my end of the deal. I had paid my debt. It was over. I had survived.


Jubilee ended her story to the stunned silence of her teammates. Everyone just sat there for a few minutes, taking small sips of their drinks or mouthfuls of ice cream, not quite knowing what to say. Not meaning to throw a wet blanket on the party, Jubilee tried to think of something to say to cut the obvious tension.

"Come on, guys. I never said it was a fairytale." Jubilee offered, breaking the ice.

"Oh, Jubes that was so awful." Kitty said, a slight hitch in her voice.

"What a bastard!" Rogue added, with a catch in her throat.

"Yeah, and you wanna hear the best part. He didn't even keep his end of the bargain. The paperwork was processed quickly anyway and I was gonna be shipped off to China a month later."

"Wasn't there something that could've been done?" Ororo asked.

"What was I supposed to say? I don't have to go 'cause I cut a deal. I fucked my case worker so I could stay and now the bastard's reneging. Can someone help me? Yeah, like that was gonna happen. I just took off instead."

"Why didn't anyone ever report him? Surely something could have been done to protect all those young girls?" Jean asked innocently.

"Ok, Jean, I'll give ya a small lesson here. Nobody gives a shit about the kids in the 'system'. They're just throwaways. Anyway, even if Colton had lost his job, another predator would've just taken his place. At least Colton wasn't bad to look at. It could've been worse........not much, but it could've been."

"After you ran away from Juvey, didn't they try and track you down?" Kitty inquired.

"Nah, I'm sure by that time Colton managed to conveniently lose my file. With no record of my existence, I was just one less problem for him to worry about. He wasn't about to jeopardize his career admitting he'd screwed up. Self-preservation can be a powerful motivator."

"Well, I'm sorry your first experience was so awful, Jubilee." Ororo said sympathetically.

"Would it help, if I told you guys that my second attempt was with someone I actually liked?" Jubilee offered with a smile.

"Ok, save that story for tomorrow night." Ororo said laughing lightly.

"I do believe you're up next, 'Ro." Jean stated, hoping to steer the awkward conversation in a new direction.

"Yeah, and try not to make it a horror story or I might run off and join a convent." Rogue joked.

"Not as long as Logan's around you won't. Who are you kidding?" Jubilee said with a chuckle.

Ororo straightened up in her chair, took a slug of her rum and began her tale.

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