First Times and Fantasies
Chapter 2
Edna and Karen

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Oh my, I can't believe I'm actually gonna tell you guys about this. I think I might need another drink. No?

Ok. Where should I start? I guess I should tell you first how young I was when I did it for the first the time.

I was actually only 16 years old when I first did "it."

A high school junior who only had one thing in mind: relinquish my title of "The Lone Virgin" as given to me by my sexually active girlfriends. Hey, I wasn't always this "together." Back in high school, I was pretty much the straight A student whom guys only called whenever finals were just a few days away.

I wasn't ugly. But I certainly wasn't a babe either.

I wore braces. I was too tall. I hardly wore any make-up. I was far too busy studying to take any interest in clothes or shopping. My hair, bragging aside, which even back then was already this gorgeous shade of red, was usually just tied back in a boring ponytail. I showed up at school in clothes that fit me well enough, but didn't really show off any of my "assets."

In essence I was just the typical average gal who was attractive enough to warrant a second look, but not glamorous or sexy enough to work up any high-school boy's lust-filled fantasies.

And there was definitely one particular boy in whose fantasies I hoped I was the star.

Robbie Jones.

All-American Athlete, consistent member of the Honor Roll, six-feet-two, sparkling blue eyes, dark brown hair which waved just enough to be perfect, Robbie was every girl's idea of a dream boyfriend. The boy whom they all wished to bring home to mommy. Sadly, the only one who had that privilege was Colleen O'Neil.

I won't waste your time by detailing Colleen's perfection as a woman. Let's just say, she looked really cute in a cheerleader uniform and all the guys loved her. She was the ultimate definition of a teen-queen. Period.

So yes, I spent a lot of my early high-school years studying and moping around at how Colleen O'Neil was one lucky little airhead. I'd have given up a semester of those A's just to have Robbie look at me the same way he did whenever Colleen jumped up and down, waving her pom-poms.

I guess that's why I held on longer to my virginity compared to my girlfriends. Robbie was my ideal partner. And being the goal-oriented gal that I was, and still am, I just wasn't about to abandon my dreams on a whim.

Of course, when a girl is 16 and growing up in the 80's, sex was simply unavoidable. It practically breathed down our necks. Back then, the threat of AIDS would not be an issue for another 7 years. The only thing teenage girls had to worry about was being put on the pill, when to break their hymens, and who'd have that "honor."

So yes, the pressure was definitely building up. Robbie was gorgeous as ever and I was still stuck with daydreams while Colleen paraded him around campus like a trophy.

Luckily, two things happened to help me in my cause to get Robbie for myself.

One, Robbie and Colleen mysteriously broke up that year.

And two, the Locker-Gods granted me locker space right next to my intended.

The stars had apparently aligned. This had to be it, I told myself, my golden opportunity. Finally, Robbie was going to be with his destiny.....ME.

Of course, somebody should have told me that being a straight A student doesn't mean I'd also have the wit or flirtation skills to make a boy interested. Nope. Colleen was a genius at that kind of thing. Me, I was just plain, ignorant Jean Grey when it came to snagging a boy.

You wouldn't believe how nervous I was everytime he'd show up at his locker. My hands would get all clammy and my heart would start hammering like crazy. I nearly froze in shock between classes.

Robbie, being the perfect boy he was, would always politely nod and say hi whenever we chanced upon our lockers at the same time. In response, I'd usually just embarrass myself by squeaking out a "Hey" or smile awkwardly, trying in vain to hide my metal dental gear. Ugh! I don't know how many times I stood there watching him walk away, wishing that he'd turn so I'd get to say all the witty lines I'd rehearsed.

You must understand that I wasn't fully aware of my powers yet. Sure there'd be times that doors would slam shut by themselves when I was angry or things would go flying about, but I never made the connection that it was my mind doing those things. They were still too minor for me to really make that connection.

Ironically, my favorite movie during that time was "Zapped." I had the biggest crush on Scott Baio and kept on wishing I had the telekinetic powers he enjoyed in that movie so I could make Robbie fall all over me.

Some wishes do come true.

But I digress.

My frustration at being unable to make any impact with Robbie was reaching dangerous levels. I gave myself pep talks every morning and had a barrage of witty lines reserved for the day. Having failed on all fronts, I finally told myself to just say anything from the top of my head instead of groping for the "reserved lines."

The opportunity came soon enough.

Like other mornings of that semester, Robbie came to his locker, fiddled with the combination, gave it a swift kick, and as if in slow-motion, turned to look at me and said, "Hi."

And before my physiological functions could go haywire, I blurted out the first thing I could think of.

"Did you know that oysters change their sex according to the surrounding water temperature?"

Oh my God! The look he gave me made me want to sink right through the floor. A slow feeling of mortification came over me as I realized how stupid I sounded. Worse, he probably thought I was bi-sexual!

Like a bat out of hell I ran down that corridor away from Robbie, making it just in time for my next class. I might as well have skipped class 'cause I could hardly concentrate on what the teacher was saying. The word "OYSTERS" kept echoing through my mind like some form of punishment for my incompetence. I couldn't believe I acted like a total nerd in front of the High School God.

I avoided, as much as possible, going to my locker after that incident. I must have developed really good muscles back then from lugging around my books all over school.

But as fate would have it, another encounter with Robbie transpired.

"Um,.hi," he said, clearing his throat.

I turned to find Robbie opening his locker. On cue, I felt the embarrassing heat rush to my face.

"Um,.that thing you said about the oysters, it was pretty interesting," he said.

Cringing when I heard the word oysters, I mentally whipped myself for that blooper. Then I realized something. Robbie was trying to start a conversation.

'Um, yeah," I replied, shyly.

"I didn't really know about that. It must be great having a mind like yours," he said.

Was he being sarcastic? Not only was the oyster thing stupid, it was totally useless information.

"Umm," he said, clearing his throat again, "I was wondering, since you're smart and all, maybe we could study together sometime?"

Those words definitely got my attention. I couldn't believe that Robbie was indirectly asking me out. I knew he was smart, and didn't need any form of academic help at all. But I decided to play it safe.

"Errm, I don't think you need my help at all. You're on the Honor Roll every semester," I said.

"Yeah, but, I didn't know that thing about the oysters. You taught me that. I'll probably learn more if we study together," he said with a small grin.

He was definitely asking me out. They were pretty lame lines, but my ego still jumped ten notches when I realized that I was going to date the guy.

"Ok," I said, grinning too, my embarrassment now forgotten.

"Great. What do you say I come over this Friday at your house? Would that be ok?" he asked.

"Yeah. That would be great," I said, trying to control my excitement.

Sorry for the cliche, but I must have skipped down those halls after that encounter. It was better than getting an A in chemistry any day.

Not much happened in the first study night. Of course, he wasn't aware of all the preparations that happened beforehand. I stressed, for the first time, over what to wear, the proper room ambience, lighting, and my hair. I curled it and doused it with generous amounts of hair spray. Keep in mind that this was the 80's.

During those "academic" sessions, Robbie was the perfect gentleman. He'd say the right things to my parents, joke at the right moments, concentrate and solve difficult math problems, and even asked the "getting-to-know-you" questions in between all that. I was seriously falling for him. I knew that my hymen would be saying bye-bye pretty soon. It was just a question of "when."

I got my answer on our fourth study night. Feeling frustrated at a seemingly impossible to balance compound for chemistry, we decided to take a break and drive around town for a while. I don't remember exactly how we ended up at the town's lookout point, but I can clearly recall how beautiful the city lights twinkled from where we stood.

"Wow!" I breathed out, "This is wonderful."

"Pretty, isn't it? I always come here when I need some peace," he said, looking over the horizon.

"I can easily see why," I said, admiring the view.

"You're the first one I've brought here," he explained, turning to stare at me intently,

"Really?" I squeaked. A part of me didn't buy that line. I was pretty sure Colleen had enjoyed the view I was looking at several times in the past. But the whole thing sounded so romantic that I squelched my inner-cynic and simply agreed to Robbie's suggestion that we lay out the blanket and sit while we looked down on the city.

We shared several moments of uncomfortable silence before he spoke again.

"Um, Jean, I have something to confess," he said timidly.

"What?" I asked gently. Inside, I was a mass of giggly excitement. I knew something was gonna happen that night. I felt it in my gut. I just had to keep it from showing too much.

"Umm...Jean...I like you...I...I've had a crush on you for the longest time," he stammered.

"I was so scared," he continued, "that you'd think I was such a dork for not being able to talk to you. You just made me so nervous and ...oomph!"

I lunged for his lips with the ferocity of a hormonally crazed sixteen-year old. Recovering from the initial shock, Robbie immediately responded to my forceful assault. I must have thanked all the saints known to man for that moment. More so, thankful to my orthodontist, who mercifully removed my braces three days before. The pressure of his mouth against mine without any cursed obtrusions sent my senses reeling.

We broke apart for a few seconds, trying to catch our breaths, but our bodies would have none of it. Closeness, more closeness, it demanded. Heartily, we complied.

Arms and legs entwined. Hands dug into rich thick hair, pressing our heads and mouths tighter. Bodies instinctively grinding against each other. All we could think of was the heat and how we wanted more of it. Thoughts of stopping were simply not entertained. Or so I thought.

"Um, Jean," he said, pulling himself away, breathless, "don't you think we should take it slow. I mean..."

"I'm on the pill," I declared, cutting him off, and settling the matter. It was true. I put myself on the pill ever since he moved right next to my locker. I just knew it would come in handy someday.

"Ok," he said, looking at my lips and then closing down on them with his own.

I closed my eyes when I felt the wet heat return. I simply lost it when his tongue pried my mouth open and touched mine. The jolt of electricity I felt coursed through every fiber in my body. Eagerly, my tongue dueled with his.

Lights danced before my eyes. But my mind, fueled by our heat and memories of all those Harold Robbins books I've read, flashed images of my hands ripping apart Robbie's shirt and yanking off his pants. I wanted to do all of it badly, but I wasn't sure if he'd be comfortable with me doing those things. I settled for continuing to kiss him while mentally undressing Robbie in trashy novel fashion. It got me excited in ways that you can't imagine.

So excited that I barely noticed Robbie's shirt buttons popping off and the cloth pulling itself apart. My hands were in his hair the whole time, but I was deeply swimming in new sensations that I wasn't coherent enough to realize the strangeness of it all.

Lazily opening my eyes, the beauty of his strong young chest greeted my sight. We gazed at each other and he looked lost, as if wondering where his shirt went. I responded by running my hands over his chest. Shirt forgotten, he resumed his exploration of my mouth.

His hands started roaming over my breasts, my stomach and my hips and pretty soon those hands were under my sweater, unclasping my bra and pulling my sweater over my head. I was finally, deliciously, half-naked against Robbie Jones.

Urgent lips found their way to my nipples and stomach as his hands tugged off my jeans and undies. He was deft, that Robbie Jones. In a matter of seconds, he had me sprawled naked on that gingham blanket, buckling underneath his thrusts. The slight discomfort of his shaft piercing my hymen dissolved into a slow build-up of pleasure that had my nails digging on his back and my hips following his rhythm.

I watched the stars overhead and felt so wired and light at the same time. It seemed as if there was no hard ground underneath my back and that I was merely floating off in pleasure. All I could feel was his hips against my mine as I continued to reach for that inevitable release.

Then, just when I was so close, I heard Robbie gasp.

"Oh my god! Jean! We're...we're...we're floating!"

"Wha...what?" I asked, snapping from the pleasure haze and looked down to check what made Robbie panic.

My heart almost leapt out of my chest as I realized that Robbie and I, still in coital conjunction, were hovering four feet off the ground. I joined Robbie in panic, closed my eyes and clung to him for dear life. We held each other for a few seconds, not moving, afraid that we'd crash if we did.

Down. Down. I told myself. I wanted down.

Then, I felt it. We were slowly lowered to the ground by some unseen force. The moment we hit the blanket, Robbie and I scrambled away from each other.

"What the hell just happened?" he asked angrily.

"I...I don't moment I thought we were floating and then we were..." I blabbered, groping for an explanation.

"No, no...the whole was was as if there were many hands all over me...I knew your hands were in my hair, but at the same time, you were pulling off my shirt, my was strange but it was also good that I couldn't..." he stammered, as if talking to himself.

"What do you mean? You didn't pull off your own shirt?" I asked, incredulous at what he just said.

"No!" he protested.

All of my thoughts suddenly came rushing back: the images of me ripping his clothes off, us floating, doors being slammed, my books opening on their own accord.

I gasped as the realization hit me.

"Oh my god! It was me!"

"You?" he said, dumbfounded.

"I...I...I thought I was just imagining them. I mean...I wanted to tear your clothes...I had it played out in my head...then I opened my eyes and there was your chest...then..." I muttered, my voice trailing off as the craziness of the whole thing started to sink in.

"''re a mutant!" he accused.

"No! I mean, my god! I must be," I exclaimed, overwhelmed at the possibility.

"Stay away from me!" he said, as he frantically picked up his clothes and ran to his car. Jumping to the driver seat, he gunned the engine and started to drive off.

"No. Robbie wait!" I yelled, screaming for him to stop. Then, just as miraculous as our bodies defying gravity, the car stopped to a halt.

"Let me go Jean!" Robbie shouted.

I couldn't believe it was me doing those things, controlling that powerful machine to stop. It was simply too incredible to consider. Then, I mentally let go of him and the car immediately roared back to life and Robbie drove away as fast as he could.

I don't know how long I sat there, under the stars, wrapped in that gingham blanket, pondering on what just happened. What should have been a night of triumph, turned into a night of shock and unwanted realizations. I had imagined my passage to womanhood as one that would be romantic and filled with sweet moments. I never would have thought that it would end up with me, staring down that dirt road, dazed, as Robbie's tail lights disappeared into the night.


"Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!" Jubilee mercilessly laughed as Jean finished her tale.

"What is so funny?" Jean asked, amazed at the girl's reaction.

"Oh, it's just," Jubilee said, wiping unshed happy tears from the corner of her eye, as another hand held a bottle of beer, "I never thought that'd be...a dominatrix diva...hahahaha!"

"Dominatrix? Me?" Jean asked, confused. She checked to see the other women's reactions and they all seemed to be holding back their laughter.

"What?! That wasn't supposed to be funny you know," she said, defensively.

No longer able to control their mirth, the other X-Women joined Jubilee in a giggling fit.

"Jean, I don't know what was funnier, you wearing braces, or the oysters," said Rogue, gagging between her giggles.

"Kitty, you think this is funny, too?" Jean asked, disappointed that she had no allies.

"I'm sorry Jean," the girl apologized, chuckling, "but I just never thought you could lose control like that."

"I was 16!" argued Jean.

" we know why Scott is so whipped on Jeannie here. Scott probably likes it when she rips his clothes off," teased Ororo, looking sideways at Kitty who promptly choked on her drink. Her brain shocked itself with the image of a Scott in chains, his clothes being torn to pieces.

"Ro! You're not helping!" whined Jean.

The goddess simply shrugged her shoulders as she quietly giggled.

Jean couldn't help but notice that Jubilee was still having a laughing fit at her expense.

"Since you seem to have enjoyed my story so much, maybe you should entertain our little group here with your experience," challenged Jean.

"You want me to go next?" she asked, a tad bit breathless, her eyes sparkling with mirth.

"Yes," said Jean, as the other women looked over to Jubilee expectantly.

"Ok, as you wish," replied Jubilee, unblinking at the challenge.

Taking a long swig from the bottle, Jubilee prepared herself for the story she was about to share.

"Aaah," she breathed out, plunking the bottle on the counter. "Kitty, I suggest that you cover your ears. You might be in for a shock."

Surveying the occupants in the room, making sure she held their attention, Jubilee started her tale.

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