Reaching Out
Chapter 8: Rites and Offerings

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Nervously, Rogue looked in the mirror and wished. She turned her head from side to side and hoped. A knock at the door startled her even though she had been expecting it. Allowing herself a moment to collect her thoughts, Rogue crossed the room, took a deep breath and opened the door. On the other side, Logan stood, holding a small arrangement of red roses. He didn't wear a traditional tuxedo. Instead, Logan wore a black dinner jacket with narrow lapels and black embroidery on the collar. Underneath the jacket, Logan wore a matching black, button down shirt and a pair of black slacks. Shining out from his chest, in contrast to the rest of his attire, was a narrow, bright red tie. He looked every bit like a dark God and Rogue found herself wanting to go down on her knees and pray. For Logan, at the moment he first saw Rogue, he fought the urge to pick her up, yell, "Fuck the prom!" and carry her off to his room. She was like a dream from which he never wanted to wake. Her hair was pulled up into a French roll. Her white streak had been spread out so it raced across her hair-do like a flame. At her temples, two thin spit curls curled around her cheeks, framing her face. A tasteful amount of make-up had been applied to make her eyes brighter and her lips redder. A simple pair of pearl drop earrings adorned her ears. Long white gloves were drawn up Rogue's arms, but her shoulders were bare under a thin, dark crimson wrap. The bodice of her satin, dark crimson gown hugged her waist and breasts snugly. Smooth folds ran from the edge of the bodice to the floor where the skirt grazed the ground. For a second, they just stood and devoured the sight of each other, completely involved in the act of memorizing each line and shadow.

At last, Rogue smiled and tilted her head to the side as she blushed. Logan stepped forward and handed the flowers and his arm to Rogue. Making a slight curtsey, Rogue slid her arm around Logan's arm and, slowly, they made their way through the halls. Arriving at the main ballroom, Logan guided Rogue to their table. After everyone arrived, the dinner was served. Although the room was filled with voices, for Logan and Rogue, the room was empty except for themselves. Together, they ate in a comfortable silence, never looking away from each other. Dinner was over too soon and music started to play. Most of the songs bothered Logan They were simply not his style. Looking across the table, Logan saw Rogue's eyes brighten. Instantly, he knew what he had to do. Quickly, he rose out of his chair and walked around the table. From behind, Rogue felt Logan's strong hands slide onto her shoulders. The smooth fabric of his new gloves tickled her skin as he gently removed her wrap. For a moment, Rogue flooded with anxiety at the thought of her bare skin, but those thoughts soon fled when Logan extended his hand and said, "So what do ya say? Come on, I'll take care of you."

For hours, Logan and Rogue danced. After a while, Rogue slipped her heels off and clutched them in one hand as she danced. She felt free and unfettered by the weight of her mutation. Logan cleared a space on the dance floor and stood guard, making sure that no one, especially young males, came too close. Feeling more secure than she had in a long time, Rogue found herself writhing on the dance floor during a particularly rhythmic song. Halfway through, her attention was drawn to Logan by a low growl that emanated from his chest. Looking around her, she saw several of her male classmates look away quickly. The growling continued for a few seconds longer, but Logan didn't make her stop dancing nor did he show any disapproval with her whatsoever. Instead, Logan watched her intensely. Every bouncing movement of her young body gathered his undivided attention. In her movements, Logan saw the birth of a new woman, more confident and at peace than before, but who remained the same old Rogue. The Rogue he loved. The Rogue only he got to call "Marie." The Rogue that danced before him like the whole world had faded away and all that was left in the void was he and she, alone. Frantically, Logan fought the urge to take Rogue into his arms and never let go. As the music faded away and Rogue's dance came to an end, the low growl became softer until it sounded more like a purr and then ceased altogether.

A series of moans called out from the dance floor when the DJ announced the last song. An old standard, the song rang out, slow and sweet. Time-weathered, the song was not unlike Wolverine himself strong and true and surviving the passage of time. Placing her shoes on the ground, Rogue walked up to Logan and placed her left hand on his right shoulder. Reaching out, Logan drew up her small right hand, holding it firmly, but gently, in his left hand. Wrapping his right arm around her waist, Logan pulled Rogue up against him, feeling her whole body press against him. Her head tilting back, Rogue looked up into Logan's eyes as the singer began to tell his tale:

"I thought that dreams belonged to other men,
'Cause each time I got close, they'd fall apart again"

Sighing deeply, Logan allowed the words to fill him with the frustrated memories of sixteen years. The living day-to-day and the constant battle to stay alive was gone, but not forgotten. He knew that in time he would return to the questions of his past. Someday, he would search for answers again, but the hunt for a home would end forever now. Rogue would be the only sanctuary he would ever need again. In her arms, he found the acceptance he had once claimed he would never need.

"I faced the nights alone,
Oh, how could I have known?
That all my life I only needed you"

Closing her eyes, Rogue laid her cheek on Logan's shoulder and breathed in the scent that was only Logan. She remembered the thousands of miles of open highway on which she hitchhiked. All the small towns, into which she stumbled, filled with small, angry people who leered at her and pushed her around. No one like her. No one who could understand what she was going through. Until, she found him. She remembered how lost and resigned he looked in that cage. So lonely, even after they found their way to the mansion, but not lonely anymore. No, now they had each other. They had almost lost each other so many times, but somehow, they had found their way back to each other and left their isolation behind.

"It seems like perfect love's so hard to find,
I'd almost given up, you must have read my mind"

Pulling Rogue closer to him, Logan pressed his cheek against the bun her hair formed. He reveled in the softness of her hair and the sweetness of her scent. It would be an unsolved mystery for as long as he lived as to why she was standing in his arms with all she knew and all she had seen. She knew him better than anyone else. He was in her mind, wasn't that what she said. She knew the content of his many nightmares and the scarcity of his dreams. She knew the story behind each quirk and habit that he held. She probably knew him better than he knew himself and still she stayed. Still, she held him tightly and neither she nor he would want it any other way.

"And all these dreams I saved for a rainy day,
They're finally coming true, I'll share them all with you,
Cause now we hold the future in our hands"

Rogue ran her hands up and down Logan's back and nuzzled her cheek against his jacket. Was it just three years ago that she thought all her dreams were gone forever? The hopes, other took for granted, seemed impossible for her to attain. She had resigned herself to the fact that she would never be held without fear intruding upon the moment. She had told herself to forget about having someone love her. She reminded herself that dreams were meant for those who could touch, but Logan changed all that. In his gruff way, Logan pushed his way through the walls she had erected. He made her comfortable in her own skin and opened her up to a world of possibility. As she traced lonely circles down his back, Rogue stood in awe of the fact that this simple act was more than she thought would ever be hers.

"Almost paradise, (we're knocking on heaven's door)
Almost paradise, (how could we ask for more)
I swear that I can see forever in your eyes, (paradise)"

Pulling back, Rogue looked into Logan's eyes and saw devotion and love reflected in their dark depths. Leaning forward, Rogue placed her cheek a breath away from his and trembled when the hair from his sideburns tickled her skin. Whispering softly, Rogue said, "Logan, I want to leave," Rogue felt Logan's muscles tense as she continued, "Please, Logan, take me to your room. I don't want to wait anymore." Pulling back, Logan wrestled with his instincts as he asked, "Are you sure?" Rogue nodded as she gripped Logan's hand and led him off the dance floor. Stopping to pick up her wrap, Rogue paused for a second to look back at the room one last time before taking Logan's arm and leaving the prom behind.

Quietly, Logan opened the door to his bedroom and welcomed Rogue inside. Rogue entered and came to stand in front of the bed. Never before had the object filled her with such anxiety. Logan sensed her fear and walked up behind her, placed his gloved hands on her arms and kissed her covered shoulders. Bending close to her left ear, Logan whispered, "Nothing has to happen if you don't want it to." Rogue leaned back against his strong chest, arched her neck to the right and cooed, "But I do want it to happen, Logan." Logan adjusted Rogue's wrap and pressed his lips against her neck. He felt the muscles in her throat twitch as she continued, "I'm just a little scared. I think it's just a fear of the unknown. That's all, Logan, I swear." Logan persisted in teasing Rogue's flesh as he said, "I know. It's going to be okay, Marie." Logan turned Rogue around and looked in her eyes as he finished, "I love you, Marie." Rogue spread her wrap across Logan's mouth and stepped into a slow kiss. Pulling away, Rogue said against Logan's lips, "I love you, too, Logan. Now, please, I can't wait anymore." Licking his lips, Logan rolled the edges of Rogue's wrap in his fingers. In one smooth movement, Logan lowered the scrap of material, but kept it draped over his arm. Reaching behind her head, Logan pulled the long comb out of her bun and shook her hair free. Wrapping his arms around her, Logan slowly slid the zipper of her dress down her back. Pressing his hands against her ribcage, Logan smoothed the dress down Rogue's body until it pooled at her feet. Bending down, Logan picked Rogue up and cradled her in his arms. Rogue ran her hands around Logan's neck and interlaced her fingers, holding on tight as Logan carried her to the bed. Rogue gazed at Logan's face as he lowered her onto the mattress. His statement was so serious as he removed his jacket and climbed into bed with her. His eyes darkened as he ran his eyes over her practically nonexistent underwear. Her bra was strapless and consisted of a paper-thin, black mesh fabric. The panties were obviously the other half of the set and neither piece left much to the imagination. Examining the articles of clothing, Logan realized that she must have planned on this earlier this evening, had dressed especially for this moment. Smiling, Logan relaxed more from the knowledge that this was not just a spur of the moment decision and, therefore, less likely to be regretted later.

Rogue responded to Logan's intense scrutiny by moving her hands to cover the intimate parts of her body. Reaching down, Logan grabbed her hands and pushed them back until they were positioned beside her head, on the pillow and said, "Don't. Don't ever hide yourself from me." Kneeling down on the bed, Logan lowered himself onto Rogue. Her legs parted and she gasped when she felt the material from his slacks press against her thighs. Slowly, Logan let go of Rogue's hands and slid his fingers down her arms, bringing them to rest on the swell of her breasts. Cupping the soft mounds of flesh, Logan ran his thumbs across the underside of Rogue's breasts, stimulating the delicate nerve endings to be found there. Pressing his mouth to the sheer fabric, Logan swirled his tongue over Rogue's left nipple. Suckling on the taut peak, Logan lifted Rogue off the bed and ran his hands across her back until he found the clasp on her bra. Logan switched his attention to Rogue's right nipple as he undid the snap and started to pull the bra away. Raising up, Logan uncovered Rogue's breasts and gasped. Her alabaster skin shined pearly white with the slightest tinge of roses. Her nipples were small, brown and puckered. Resting back on his heels, Logan looked at Rogue lying beneath him. Her arms were still positioned by her head. Her hair was tossed about and her cheeks were flushed. Running his hands up and down Rogue's bent knees, Logan's eyes traveled down Rogue's soft flesh until it centered on the last scrap of cloth covering her young body. Running his hands up Rogue's thighs, Logan grabbed hold of her panties and drew them down her legs until he was able to roll them up and toss them across the room.

Rogue's eyes followed the wad of cloth as it sailed through the air. Slowly, she drew her eyes back to Logan who was once again reveling in the sight of her body. Their eyes locked and Logan stated, "You're so beautiful, Marie." Lowering himself, Logan pulled over Rogue's wrap and covered Rogue's mouth, chin and neck. He kissed her a million times it seemed and never twice in one place. The whole time, Logan spoke of her beauty, her grace and, most importantly, of his love for her. Somewhere in the middle of it all, Rogue noticed the bulge in Logan's pants. It pressed against her and she spread her thighs wider in response. Logan's touch was wonderful, but frustrating as well. It seemed that he applied just enough pressure to excite, but not satisfy her. Teasing her was his goal and she had lost any will to fight against it long ago. She babbled on about love, need and want, but it never made him change his actions. Looking into Rogue's eyes, Logan saw the brown pools darken and watched her lips part and knew she was ready. Logan placed the wrap over Rogue's mid-section and kissed his way down Rogue's stomach. Pausing, Logan slipped his tongue into Rogue's belly button and tickled the nerve endings buried there. Sliding further down the bed, Logan placed his chest between her open thighs and gently parted the folds of her flesh. Expertly, he found the kernel of nerves and applied pressure to it. Instantly, Rogue writhed under him, but her arms remained by her head. Logan teased her flesh, bringing her to the edge time and time again, but not letting her attain the release for which she pleaded. Pulling away, Logan stepped back off the bed and proceeded to undress. Rogue was riveted to Logan as he quickly ripped the tie from his neck and tore off his shirt. Bare-chested and flushed, Logan leaned down and kissed Rogue's covered, willing mouth. Placing a hand between Rogue's thighs, Logan continued to tease Rogue with two fingers in a circular motion. His movements were sharp and slightly rushed as he replaced his fingers with him thumb and slid his fingers down her satin-smooth skin. Gently, Logan traced the entrance to her opening before poking the tip of his finger into it. Rogue writhed above him and opened to his touch. Slowly, Logan slid his finger into her and loosened her more. Logan smiled as Rogue lowered her arms and held him in place while she strained against his hand. Logan looked at Rogue's tense face and whispered in her ear, "Let go. Let go for me." As if on command, Rogue threw her head back as she felt her body burn up. She shook uncontrollably as she cooled.

When the haze cleared, the first thing that Rogue realized was that Logan was gone. For a second, she panicked, but her fears were calmed when she felt the exquisite sensation of French silk being spread over her body. Once again, the cool, yet warm, feeling rushed over her skin. Looking up, Rogue wondered how long she had been in that haze when she noticed that Logan was already undressed and was wearing the harness. Her eyes glanced at his muscular body and his rigid manhood as he approached her. Kneeling on the sheet, Logan directed Rogue to bend her knees. After adjusting the sheet to position the slit, Logan lowered himself onto Rogue. Her glove covered arms and hands wrapped around his shoulders as he gripped her shoulders. Logan bucked against Rogue and she could feel his shaft press against her virgin opening. For a second, Rogue tensed. Forcing his covered arms under her shoulders, Logan grabbed hold of the back of Rogue's head and forced her to look at him as he said, "Are you sure, Marie? I'd probably have to go kill something, but I can stop now, if you want me to." Rogue shook her head and replied, "Make love to me, Logan. I want you to." Logan smoothed her hair away from her forehead and found the permission he searched for in her eyes. Holding her tight, Logan slowly entered Rogue and broke through her maidenhead. Rogue tensed at the intense pain and pounded her fists against Logan's back as he filled her for the first time. A tear ran down her cheek and Logan caught it with his thumb as he told her how much he loved her. For a minute, Logan held still until the pain receded from Rogue's body. His mind reeled from the sensations and found he couldn't stop announcing his love for this beautiful woman. The man in him wanted to worship her like a Goddess. His primal side wanted to scream out with the knowledge that she was his and his alone. Possessiveness grew inside of him that made the prior instinct look pale. He wrapped his arms around her tighter and rejoiced in the feel of her in his arms. All the while, Rogue held onto Logan with a white-knuckle grip and exhaled as the pain left her body only to be replaced with a deep ache. Instinctively, Rogue lifted her hips and pressed herself against Logan. Feeling Rogue rock beneath him, Logan thrust between her thighs in a slow, steady rhythm. Straining to make the moment last, Logan tried to think of hockey and Mounties and fighting cages, anything so that he could make this moment stretch out a little further. Shifting against Rogue's pelvis, Logan rubbed against Rogue with each thrust and soon he felt her tense in his arms. She let out a scream as her muscles tightened and throbbed around Logan's shaft. Unable to hold back any longer, Logan thrust hard between her welcoming thighs until his muscles trembled and he arched his back, moaning loudly. Fighting every nerve in his body, Logan managed to keep his claws sheathed as wave upon wave of pleasure wracked his body. Underneath him, Rogue watched Logan's face express the pleasure she gave him and smiled.

Before Rogue knew what was happening, Logan tightened his grip on her and rolled. Suddenly, Rogue found herself on top of Logan. In the move, Logan had slipped out of her, but had remained hard. 'I guess a healing factor really does come in handy sometimes,' she mused. Reaching up, Logan cupped Rogue's breasts and smiled. Rogue smiled back and placed her hands over Logan's. She knelt there, straddling him, holding his hands and wondering what exactly to do next. Logan noticed her hesitation and saw that her innocence had remained intact. Pleased, Logan started the next lesson knowing that he would be the only teacher she would ever have. Logan pulled the top of the sheet up over his chest and kicked the bottom of the sheet down to cover his legs. Placing his hands on Rogue's hips, he prompted Rogue to raise up. Positioning himself under her, Logan pressed down on Rogue's hip. Slowly, Rogue lowered herself, whimpering from the deeper penetration this position allowed. As Logan's shaft disappeared within her, Rogue heard Logan moan, "O, Marie!" Instinct took over Rogue's body and she started rocking back and forth. Rogue looked up at the ceiling as she bounced on Logan and squeezed her eyes shut when he placed his thumb against her center and started to rub her flesh with slow circles. Rogue's body strained and her skin grew slick with sweat as she pushed against Logan's teasing thumb on each down stroke. Logan felt Rogue's opening clench around him and knew it wouldn't be long now. Reaching up, Logan grabbed the back of her neck and bent her over until he could see into Rogue's eyes. Bent over, Rogue could more easily feel his shaft throbbing within her and the pressure on the hard kernel between her legs increased. Rogue's eyes bulged and she could feel herself expanding like a balloon about to pop. She placed a hand on Logan's stomach to keep her balance as she cried out in pleasure. As she moaned, Logan let go of Rogue's neck and grabbed onto her hips and started pumping into her quaking body. A couple minutes later, Logan cried out as his body shook with pleasure. For a few seconds, "Marie" was the only word Logan could say as Rogue placed her cheek on his covered chest. Logan wrapped his arms around her shoulders and rested his covered arms and hands on her back. Rolling to the side, Logan pulled out of Rogue and got out of bed.

Almost to dreamland, Rogue heard a click and knew the harness was being taken off. Looking over, she watched Logan take it off and toss it aside. Lying down again, Logan wrapped Rogue in the sheet and pressed himself against her back. Rogue whispered, "I love you so much, Logan. Tell me this is how it'll always be. Tell me that it will always feel like this." Logan ran his hands up and down her arms and replied, "If I have anything to say about it, Marie, it'll only get better." Reaching out, from under the sheet, Rogue clutched Logan's hand in hers and urged, "Promise me, Logan that you'll never run away without me." Squeezing her hand, Logan answered, "Of course, you can't get rid of me that easily." Rogue smiled and drifted off to sleep. Logan felt her body relax and waited until she was asleep to pull his hand away. Wrapping an arm around her, Logan drifted off to sleep knowing that, at last, he had found the only home he would ever need.

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