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The Magic of Belief  by  Elizabeth
Movieverse. Logan returns home.
Logan/Rogue. Rated R.

A Man  by  Zerelda X
Comicverse. Part Twenty of Pieces of Your Soul. Charlotte counts her blessings.
Logan/Original Character. Series Rated NC17 Overall.

A Man, a Woman, and a Tooth  by  Dyce
Comicverse. Wolvie needs one of his teeth pulled.
Logan/Cecilia Reyes. Rated PG13.

A Man's Worst Fear  by  Shade
Movieverse. Scott Summers has a big problem on his hands when a young student needs to learn a little bit about the facts of life.
Cyclops. Rated PG13.

Massage  by  Wild Thing
Comicverse. Jean's tense, Logan gives her a massage.
Logan/Jean. Rated NC17.

Maverick Forest - More Than Just A Sequel  by  Lady-T
Movieverse. An unusual solution to a budget crisis while filming the next X-Men movie. (Otherwise known as a shoddy excuse for a PWP).
Logan/Jean. Rated NC17.

Maybe There's a Bright Side  by  Zerelda X
Comicverse. Part Four of Pieces of Your Soul. Jubilee must come to terms with the new woman in Logan's life, with a little help from a stranger.
Logan/Original Character. Series Rated NC17 Overall.

The McX Saga  by  Abyss
Alternaverse. Logan threatens people into buying apple pies, need we say more?
Logan. Rated PG.

Memoirs of a Russian  by  Blu
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Comicverse. Excerpts. Piotr looks back at the events, and people, that shaped his life.
Logan/Colossus. Rated R.

Memories Left on Nightstands  by  Troll Princess
Movieverse. Pre/Post-X2. The origins of a Pyro-maniac.
Pyro. Rated R.

A Memory of Death  by  Zerelda X
Comicverse. Part Twenty-Eight of Pieces of Your Soul. Something is wrong with Charlotte. Hank and Remy are determined to help her, whether she likes it or not.
Series Rated NC17 Overall.

Men are From Mars, Women are From..  by  Misty
Movieverse. Jean, Storm and Rogue bond over the inadequecies of men.
Logan/Rogue. Rated R.

Mercury Pool  by  Lady-T
Movieverse. Dark, but not exactly angst. There are things that happen when you fall between the cracks. The question is not "Will it happen?" but "Will anyone find me, when it does?"
Logan/Original Character. Rated NC17.  non-consensual sex and disturbing imagery

Mercy  by  Tez
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A prequel to Erskineville Kings. Wace at his father's bedside.
Rated NC17.

Merry Christmas Darlin'  by  Eiluned
Movieverse. Mistletoe: blessing or curse? :) Logan/Jean; Vignette, Romance.
Logan/Jean. Rated PG13.

Merry X-mas Ororo  by  Wolverana
Comicverse. Logan and Ororo go out to find a Christmas tree for the school and end up finding something else instead.
Logan/Storm. Rated NC17.

A Midnight Clear  by  Zerelda X
Comicverse. Part Eight of Pieces of Your Soul. In the aftermath of The Longest Night, Charlotte and Logan share a moment together.
Logan/Original Character. Series Rated NC17 Overall.

The Miss X-Universe Pageant  by  Albertina
Comicverse. A naughty little creature comes to the mansion to cause havok. It is up to Logan to set everyone straight again.
Logan. Rated R.

Missing  by  Elizabeth Wilde
Movieverse. Logan returns to the school to find a very changed Rogue.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

Moment of Weakness  by  Elizabeth Wilde
Movieverse. Part One of Driving Force. Logan's return could change everything between Scott and Jean.
Logan/Jean. Rated PG.

Moments in Time  by  Khaki
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Charlie does some time-hopping and discovers what's really important to him.
Rated PG13.

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