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Damaged  by  Eiluned
Alternaverse. Part Three of the In Repair Series. Can you regain someone's trust after you've betrayed them?
Logan/Jean. Rated NC17.

The Dance  by  Elektra
Movieverse. A gift from Logan seems to bring Rogue's world crashing down.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG.

Dancing Ashes  by  Dannell Lites
Comicverse. Magneto finally catches up to his past.
Magneto. Rated R for dark imagery.

Danger-Room: Continuing the Generic Logan Romance  by  Silly Mamma
Comicverse. Sequel to Interlude: Continuing the Generic Logan Romance. Generica must prove herself recovered from her injuries and still manage to overpower Logan in a one-on-one match of skill.
Logan/Original Character. Rated PG.

The Dangers of Carving a Turkey with Adamantium Claws  by  Addie Logan
Comicverse. Jean brings Logan home for Thanksgiving.
Logan/Jean. Rated PG13.

Dark Legend: Fear and Lust  by  Eiluned
Alternaverse. Dark Legend. After infection with the Legend Virus, Logan becomes involved with a dominating, frightening Jean. He hates the way he craves her discipline, but he keeps coming back.
Logan/Jean. Rated Rated NC17 for mental/physical torture and semi-consensual sexual themes.

A Date with the Big 'O'  by  Elektra
Alternaverse. Adventures of a Body Double, Part One. You know Logan left at the end of the movie, but where did he really end up?
Logan. Rated R.

A Daughter of Earth  by  Ascian
Comicverse. The Earth Arc Universe. Sequel to The Forest's Heart. Gambit becomes Penance's mentor and best friend when she and Jubilee join the X-Men. Meanwhile, Anne discovers that she is being hunted by a dangerous mutant.
Logan/Original Character. Rated PG13.

The Day After - Storm Strikes Back  by  Imag
Comicverse. Sequel to "A Valentine for Storm" It's February 15th and Storm has come up with a way to thank logan for her V-Day present.
Logan/Storm. Rated PG13.

Days, Nights and the Stuff in Between  by  Hunter
Comicverse. After a meeting with the Brotherhood, the X-Men's lives are in mortal danger.
Logan. Rated PG.

Daytime: Confusion  by  Elizabeth Wilde
Movieverse. Part Four of Phases: Time of Day. Logan begins to realize how much Rogue has changed.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

Dead and Buried  by  Hunter and Lady-T
Comicverse. The storm brings trouble. A strange and slightly twisted Halloween story.
Logan/Jean. Rated NC17 for mental/physical torture and extreme sexual themes.  Multiple Character Deaths

Death Watch  by  Aimee
Movieverse. Magneto in Rogue's body keeps vigil over an unconscious Xavier.
Xavier/Magneto. Rated PG.

Decisions, Decisions  by  Zerelda X
Comicverse. Part Thirty-Seven of Pieces of Your Soul. How to decide on the evening's entertainment.
Series Rated NC17 Overall.

Deck The Malls  by  Mercutio
Comicverse. As Wolverine takes Jubilee shopping on Christmas Eve, the X-Men learn a little about the real meaning of Christmas. Whatever that is.
Logan/Jubilee. Rated PG.

Demon In My View  by  Libby Edwards
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Logan/Storm. Rated NC17.

Dental Attention  by  Silly Mamma
Comicverse. Responding to an email about X-Men and dentistry, this story refers to the scene where Logan meets Charles Xavier for the first time.
Logan. Rated G.

Descending  by  Diebin
Movieverse. Part Six of the Compass Points Series. Things are getting strange in Rogue's head.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG.

Desires  by  Zerelda X
Comicverse. Part Twenty-Six of Pieces of Your Soul. Jean is wooed by an unusual suiter.
Series Rated NC17 Overall.

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