Learning To Touch
Chapter 2
E. Vangie

The next afternoon, Logan felt a little nervous at the prospect of helping Rogue but he told himself sternly that a promise is a promise. Besides, the prof. would be there to oversee things, surely he would intervene if it got out of hand. Though he hated to admit it, he held a grudging admiration for the man and felt he could be trusted. So, it was with a fairly calm feeling that he knocked on the study door at 2 sharp.

"Come in." said a soft, cultured voice and Logan pushed the door open to see the prof. in his customary 3 piece suit sitting calmly behind the massive mahogany desk that dominated the room. Beside him, looking not nearly so calm was a nervous Rogue. "Hi Logan." she said softly. He saw by her eyes that she hadn't been sure he would come. Affecting an easy nonchalance he answered, "Hi Darlin", hello, prof. So, how do we begin?"

"Always abrupt, eh Logan?" prof. Xavier. seemed amused "Very well, come sit here beside Rogue. We begin slowly and carefully; this is not a thing to be rushed."

As Logan took a seat on the elegant brown leather couch beside Rogue, the prof. continued. "Are you here to make a commitment or an experiment, Logan? There is no shame either way so please answer honestly. I truly believe that with your help we can help Rogue tame her considerable powers but I need to know where you stand on this issue."

"I'm here to help Rogue." Logan answered, "I'll do whatever it takes. Now could we please get started?" "As you wish. Rogue?" But during the last exchange, Rogue had managed to shrink herself down to a small, frightened ball. She sat huddled in the opposite corner of the couch with her gloved arms wrapped around her jean-clad legs. Her eyes were wide and frightened, reminding Logan of a doe he had startled once in the forest.

His heart went out to her- the kid was afraid, of course she was- afraid of hurting him. He felt so sorry for her, wanted to wipe that frightened look off her face. "Rogue," he said softly, "Come here kid. Give me a hug, I haven't seen you in so long, last night hardly counts."

At first, she hesitated but seemed unable to resist his offer of a free embrace. Slowly, she moved into his outstretched arms and buried her face in his chest. Her gloved hands clutched convulsively at the front of his T-shirt. "Thank you for coming, Logan." she whispered in a muffled voice. He held her against him, rubbing her back with slow, soothing motions of his large, warm hand. "Any time, Darlin'" he said softly. "No big deal."

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