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Pen Names Beginning With the Letter T


Give  by  Te
Movieverse. Rogue's growing up in her own way.
Rogue. Rated R.

Like This  by  Te
Comicverse. Logan doesn't know what's going on.
Logan/Nightcrawler. Rated NC17.

Sugar and Spice and...  by  Te
Movieverse. Post X2. Revenge is a dish best served with cookies.
Logan. Rated PG.


Cyber Call  by  Tez
A little Stanley smut.
Swordfish. Rated NC17.

Mercy  by  Tez
1 | 2
A prequel to Erskineville Kings. Wace at his father's bedside.
Erskineville Kings. Rated NC17.

A New Beginning  by  Tez
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
A variation on the movie.
Someone Like You. Rated NC17.

Photo Op  by  Tez
1 | 2 | 3
Jack gets more than just a cover for his new novel.
Paperback Hero. Rated NC17.

Sparks  by  Tez
1 | 2 | 3
Stan and Holly settle down and Holly makes a new friend that she thinks would be perfect for her dad.
Swordfish. Rated NC17.


Dream Sharers  by  Titti
Movieverse. Post-X2. Three pairs and three dreams.
Logan/Cyclops. Rated NC17.

Remorse  by  Titti
Movieverse. Post-X2. Scott and Logan talk.
Logan/Cyclops. Rated PG.

Trust  by  Titti
Movieverse. Sequel to Remorse. Post X2.
Logan/Cyclops. Rated NC17.


Boy Cooties  by  Troll Princess
Movieverse. The girls hatch a diabolical get Logan to shave?!
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

Memories Left on Nightstands  by  Troll Princess
Movieverse. Pre/Post-X2. The origins of a Pyro-maniac.
Pyro. Rated R.

When Milk Goes Bad, And Other Reality TV Shows  by  Troll Princess
Movieverse. Left alone for the night, Jubilee is the first one to see Logan upon his return.
Logan/Jubilee. Rated PG.


Catnip  by  Tygerzeye  
Movieverse. PWP.
Logan/Original Character. Rated NC17.

A Foretaste of Death  by  Tygerzeye  
Movieverse. Logan leaves Xavier's to find the woman his heart belongs to. When he eventually finds her, he discovers that he has some difficult memories to deal with, memories that have the power to drive him insane.
Logan/Original Character. Rated NC17.

The Last Command  by  Tygerzeye  
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Comicverse. Set in the last days of World War Two, Logan becomes seperated from his unit and meets up with an unusual band of Resistance Fighters.
Logan/Original Character. Rated NC17.


Human After All  by  Tyna And Utendi
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Epilogue
Comicverse. Logan comes down with a cold after his healing factor has been tampered with and it's up to Jubilee to find and take care of him.
Logan/Jubilee. Rated PG13.

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