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X-Men, Enter the Future  by  J. R. Giroux
Movieverse. The Brotherhood brings in a new ally to help rescue Magneto from his plastic prison forcing the X-Men to accept help from an unknown secret ops team.
Logan/Original Character. Rated PG13.


Doe, A Deer...  by  Jaya Mitai
Comicverse. Scott and Logan fight to save a dear friend from the Friends of Humanity.
Logan. Rated R.  Character Death

The Sun Hasn't Risen  by  Jaya Mitai
Comicverse. An accident at the x-mansion brings with it a terrible price.
Logan. Rated PG.  Character Death


At Nineteen  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Part Two of the For Now Series. Rogue discusses the merits of beer and stalks Logan on a map this time. But she gets new gloves, so all ends well.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

At Seventeen  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Part One of the For Now Series. Rogue stalks Logan and considers her life. Excitement.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

At Twenty  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Part Three of the For Now Series. Rogue rambles and doesn't have to stalk him this time. Go figure.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

At Twenty-One  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Part Four of the For Now Series. Drinking and gloves and odd things occur. Humor, angst, and dancing.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

Bedtime Stories  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Jean is horrified when she listens in on one of Logan's bedtime stories.
Logan. Rated NC17 for graphic violence.

The Best Thing  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Part Two of The Hope Continuity. Rogue spends quality time in a Montana bar.
Rogue. Rated PG13.

Close Your Eyes: A For Now Coda  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Last of the For Now Series. Letting go doesn't mean giving up. Rogue explores a rainstorm and an identity. Things get wet.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

Exceptions  by  Jenn
Movieverse. In which revelation is just about as anticlimactic as it comes.
Logan/Rogue. Rated NC17.

Happy Little Sounds: Christmas at the Mansion  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Rogue gets Logan to do something extremely unmanly. There are bells.
Logan/Rogue. Rated NC17.

Hope  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Part One of The Hope Continuity. Rogue reacts badly to change.
Rogue. Rated PG13.

In a Thousand Miles  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Logan runs. Rogue goes with him and wears leather.
Logan/Rogue. Rated NC17.

Instinct  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Rogue has moments of remembrance during a stressful moment in her life.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

Letting Go  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Part Three of How Things Change. Sequel to Projections. Identity is explored and men do manly things.
Logan/Jean. Rated R.

A Little More Than Intimate  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Rogue reflects on Logan, relationships, and a toothbrush.
Logan/Rogue. Rated NC17.

No Guarantees  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Part Four of How Things Change. Sequel to Letting Go. It is late and people aren't sleeping.
Logan/Jean. Rated R.

Not a Straight Line  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Part Three of The Hope Continuity. Rogue returns to the Mansion. Things have changed.
Rogue. Rated PG13.

On a Man and His Penis  by  Jenn
Movieverse. I really think the title says it all, don't you?
Logan/Rogue. Rated NC17.

On Bluffing and Its Consequences  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Rogue gets challenged, Logan gets amused, and everyone has more fun than I've been having recently. This has so thin a skin of plot that I should be ashamed of myself.
Logan/Rogue. Rated NC17.

One Reason  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Logan's nightmares don't just come when he's asleep. Rogue fixes things.
Logan/Rogue. Rated NC17.

Possession  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Companion to Diebin's The Murder of One. Logan defines a few things.
Logan. Rated R.

Projections  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Part Two of How Things Change. Sequel to What You Leave Behind. Still in Chicago. Comparing revered doctors to singing whales and eating dangerous food.
Logan/Jean. Rated R.

She Wore Gloves  by  Jenn
Movieverse. This Canadian bartender has this great story you just gotta hear.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG13.

Sunday  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Alternate version of 'At Eighteen'. Jean, a lack of guilt, and the coming of Sunday.
Logan/Jean. Rated NC17.

What You Leave Behind  by  Jenn
Movieverse. Part One of How Things Change. Jean goes out after a less than successful medical conference.
Logan/Jean. Rated PG13.

A Year and a Day  by  Jenn
Prologue | Des Moines | Chicago | Jackson | Harlingen | Interlude | Austin/Los Angeles | Seattle | Vancouver | Calgary/Regina/Winnipeg | Niagara Falls | Epilogue
Movieverse. Rogue follows Logan across the continent, marking her path in a series of letters to Jubilee.
Logan/Rogue. Rated R.


Not Unspoken  by  Jenn and Sare Liz
Alternaverse. Logan and Rogue in a different world bond in a very different way.
Logan/Rogue. Rated PG.


Last Man Standing  by  Jocelyn and Navaeh
Movieverse. Logan, Scott, Jean, and Storm have a wild night at a local bar.
Logan. Rated PG13.

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