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Zero Hour I  by  Nina
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Comicverse. A "friendly" guys vs. gals baseball match turns deadly for one young stranger.
Logan/Storm. Rated R.

Zero Hour II  by  Nina
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Comicverse. Wolvie & Creed trash the Danger Room while Jean shuts out her husband and argues with the Prof. And finally, Logan & Ro come to terms with the truth. Wolverine and Beast share drinks and stories in the study. Charles visits Nada, the Boys play poker, and Mom, Dad, and child have it out.
Logan/Storm. Rated R.

Zero Plus One  by  Azurine
Comicverse. "At first, everyone chalked it up to hero worship brought on by Logan's involvement in their escape from Weapon X. Logan surprised them all by tolerating the attention with what passed for good-natured humor, Wolverine-style. He's not sure what amazes the others more: Bobby's attachment to him, or the fact that he appears to reciprocate."
Logan/Iceman. Rated PG13.

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