A Tail's Tale

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Author's Note: I thought of a cute title and I just had to write a story to go with it...

I was already up when Kurt awoke. He grumbled a bit and rolled over. I knew that he was probably sore after yesterday. He and Beast had reassembled the jungle gym that had been removed by Bastion. Kurt, never being one to turn down a good romp of course, had had to test out the new pipe system. It had been glorious, but he over did it after all that work.

I helped the best I could. I wrapped myself around his thigh and massaged out the kinks in his muscles. He sighed softly and got up to take a hot bath.

Bathing takes us longer than most because of Kurt's fur. I love it! I get to splash around in the water. I also get to help him work the shampoo into his silky fuzz. It's our special time. Unfortunately, he was too tired to really enjoy it today, but I had a good time.

Time for breakfast! Kurt turned the dining room chair around backwards so that I could move freely. He was more comfortable sitting in this position anyway. I was so happy because Angel sat next to us. That meant that I got to play with wings! They're both really nice and we love to play together, but we don't often get the chance. I slid up Left and tickled it with my pointed tip. The wings flapped softly. That's their version of a giggle. We played a bit more before Kurt grabbed me and pulled me away. For some reason, he seemed embarrassed. Angel was too. I wonder why?

Kitty and Kurt decided to have a practice session after breakfast. He was teaching her some fencing moves that she hadn't learned yet. I decided to help Kitty. I like her a lot. She plays with me sometimes when Kurt ignores me. I think she understands. Of course, for some reason it makes Kurt nervous. He lunged forward making a joke about her form. So, I swung between his legs and almost tripped him. As he quickly regained his balance, Kitty used the fault to her advantage. She had him cold!

I think Kurt was mad at me. I kept flicking in his face, but he just slapped me away. Usually he'll pull me into his mouth and nibble on me, but not today. Maybe I shouldn't have helped Kitty....

It rolled around to lunchtime and Kurt ate out in the woods with Logan. I like Logan. I remember when we used to wrestle him a lot. I spent the time playing in the leaves. I wished there was something I could do to make it up to Kurt. He was upset. I could tell because he wasn't talking much. Logan knew too.

"What's wrong Fuzzy?"

"Nothing. Everything."

"You gonna tell me, or do I have to cut it outta ya?"

"I guess I'm just lonely mein freund. It's nothing."

"We're all back together again and yer lonely. Go figger."

"I know I have my friends. That is not the type of lonely I mean."

"Oh, women problems. Why didn't you say so?"

Lonely? My Kurt? That was why he was mad at me! If I wasn't here he wouldn't have to worry about women. Slowly and silently I slid myself up his side. I gently wrapped myself around his chest and gave him a soft hug.

Later Logan decided to cheer Kurt up. We all got together to watch a movie. Kitty, Peter, and Ororo joined us. It was just like old times. Kitty curled up beside Kurt, and I got a wonderful idea. I wrapped myself around behind her. Carefully, I slid up her front and gently, very gently, I stroked her neck with my tip. I knew it was working when she reached over and squeezed Kurt's knee. He jumped a bit and Kitty bit her lip to keep from laughing. They looked at each other and Kurt raised his eyebrow when he saw me.

"I'm sorry Katzchen. Sometimes, it has a mind of its own."

Kitty just smiled and snuggled closer. "Sure, sure Fuzzy."

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