The Ties That Bind

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Wolverine came to slowly but kept his eyes shut and his head down to feign unconsciousness. In the darkness behind his shuttered eyelids he played back the events that led to his current circumstances. He had entered the grimy loft building ready to do battle and had somehow, inexplicably, been blindsided by the Juggernaut. It just didn't make sense that he hadn't smelled or heard him sooner. He'd gotten in one or two good shots against Cain Marko but when the Juggernaut had a full head of steam up there was nothing on this side of the known universe that could stop him. Wolverine ended up out cold and woke up here.

He had no idea where "here" was. All he knew was that he was being held upright against a wall by some type of metal bands holding his wrists and ankles fast. He couldn't smell anything, his head ached and, surprisingly enough, his eyes could discern no details of the room through the deep shadows that blanketed it.

His frustration escalated until he decided to put an end to this silly charade of his capture. He tugged at the wrist manacles with enough strength to pull the wall down and - nothing. He snarled in the darkness, tried again, and again nothing. A low growl began deep in his throat and rose in volume as his struggles became more concentrated, all to no avail. His arms and legs remained firmly pinioned to the wall.

Realizing abruptly that his mutant powers were somehow being suppressed Wolverine stopped struggling and began trying to think his way through this. They could take away his unnatural strength and senses but the animal cunning, an integral part of his very being, would always remain. He hadn't been fitted with an inhibitor collar, it seemed, so there must be some kind of inhibitor field surrounding him. If anybody wanted to get close to him they'd have to enter the field, too. Presumably it would affect their powers in the same way. And then G-d help them when Wolverine was released.

His now human senses picked up a slight movement in the shadows and he wondered how long he'd been under observation.

"Wolverine." The voice paused. "I was wondering when you'd wake up."

He recognized the voice and snarled in anger and frustration, his features twisting in a grimace. It was damn lucky for her he was restrained, he thought. He knew exactly what he'd do to her otherwise. She stepped from the shadows and, in spite of himself, his heart skipped a beat. He always had that reaction when she was around, always had, always would, he supposed. She was every bit as beautiful as he'd remembered. The wanting tore through him like a jagged blade, raw and urgent.

"Whad'ya want with me?" he rasped.

"I thought you realized, Wolverine. I want you." There was no menace in her voice, just a statement of fact, ominous in its simplicity.

She stood silently, watching him. Her eyes traveled leisurely from his rugged features down across his broad chest, muscles etched in sharp relief under his skin-tight uniform due to his continued struggles, along his short, powerful legs, and back up again to his groin. She liked what she saw. In spite of himself Wolverine's body responded to her interest and she smiled slightly at the growing bulge in his crotch.

Chagrined at being unable to control his physical reaction Wolverine boldly and somewhat contemptuously returned her gaze. He took a slow, careful assessment of her body and was forced to admit that he was enjoying what he was seeing. Her uniform fit her soft curves like a second skin, leaving very little to the imagination. She was well proportioned, with a small waist; strong legs that he knew would feel delicious wrapped around his back; and firm breasts that fit his hands perfectly. His blunt fingers clenched helplessly as he remembered their feel and ached to touch them again.

She stood proudly as he stared at her, only slightly unnerved by the intensity of his piercing glare. It was a good thing he was restrained and his mutant capacities neutralized, she thought. She knew his strength and power and wanted all of it, but on her terms this time.

A ripple of energy radiated around her as she stepped closer. He was right, then. There was an inhibitor field around him and odds were she was now as powerless as he. Not that it would matter much, though, unless he could free himself.

She pulled a large hunting knife from her belt and tested it against her thumb, wincing slightly and laughing as the razor sharp blade accidentally nicked her. "I'd really rather be using claws for this. Three blades are so much more efficient than one. I promise I'll be careful, though." Her voice was amused. Damn her, she was enjoying this too much.

Deftly she ran the blade again and again along Wolverine's body, shredding his clothing to ribbons and leaving him manacled naked to the wall. When she stepped back to survey her handiwork Wolverine slowly let out his breath. He hadn't realized he'd been holding it while she worked at him with the knife but he was painfully aware that his healing factor was blocked. He had no desire to find out how long it would take to pass out from blood loss.

Aware that he was watching her again she slid the large knife back in its stiff leather sheath, slowly and suggestively. Her dark eyes were hungry and in the dim light her smile was nearly as feral as his. As the cool air brushed against his now bare flesh he became conscious of his nakedness and aware of its implications. He growled low in his throat as she approached him again.

She came right up to him this time, leaning against him fully, pressed tightly along his stocky body from shoulder to foot. Her body was hot, burning in fact, and she rubbed herself against him, igniting a raging fire in him, too. His cock was now hard and eager and he ground his hips futilely against her as she put an infinitesimal amount of space between them.

Her warm breath tickled his ear as she purred softly to him. "You are the best at what you do, Logan. But I've been taught by the best and I'm a very good student."

She slid her hands between their bodies and closed her eyes to better concentrate on the feel of his body. Wolverine's chest was broad, heavily muscled, and even more heavily coated with hair. She let her fingers tangle in the hair, enjoying its crisp texture and the heat of the flesh underneath. His nipples, already hard from the chill air, rose up to meet her questing fingers as she brushed at them over and over. His moans became harsher as she bent to nuzzle at the eager buds, pinching at them lightly and licking them soothingly in turn. Once more he strained against his bonds and ground his teeth in frustration.

"Relax, Logan." Her voice was soft and husky, brimming with dark desire and intense want. "You're not going anywhere until I say so."

She took this opportunity to remove her own jumpsuit. She did it without ceremony, but with a natural grace that came from the years of physical exercise that had molded her body and honed her prowess. Now as naked as he, she returned to him and pressed up against him once more. Logan jerked reflexively at her touch and groaned as she slid her hips across his. His cock was trapped painfully between their bodies as she circled her hips. He was remembering other times when they had been naked together, when she had been soft and willing, calling him her love and screaming his name in orgasm. The pleasure and pain mingled until he knew he would do anything to get inside her searing wet heat. He snarled and pushed back at her, throwing her slightly off balance.

Her eyes narrowed as their contact was broken and she looked at him meaningfully as she knelt in front of him and took his blazing hardness in her hand. "I'm going to suck on you, Logan. I'm going to put your dick in my mouth and lick you and suck you until you're ready to scream. I know you won't beg me to bring you off because Wolverine never begs but I'm going to enjoy watching you and seeing you realize that I control your pleasure."

With that she reached out with her tongue and tenderly licked the drops of pre-cum from the tip of his penis. She looked up and locked her eyes with his. Deliberately, never breaking eye contact, she swirled her tongue slowly around the head and took just the smallest bit into her mouth. She alternated sucking and licking while her free hand caressed his dark-furred balls. They were hard and heavy in her hand and she could tell from his harsh breathing that he liked that gentle touch just as much now as he always had.

Wolverine felt the drops of sweat beginning to form along his back, chest, and legs. Her teasing touch was maddening and he thrashed against his bonds, pushing his hips forward to try to force more contact. She was still staring up at him and just before he closed his eyes in agonized ecstasy he saw her lips twitch in a knowing smile. He would make her pay for that soon, of that he was certain. But not now. The sensations she was causing were too overwhelming to dwell pointlessly on thoughts of revenge. There would be time for that later.

She allowed Wolverine to control the action for the moment. She hollowed her cheeks and took more of his thickness into her mouth, sucking hard at him the way she knew he liked it. She moved back and forwards, sucking and licking, changing her pace every so often to keep Logan from getting too close to orgasm. Truth be told, she was getting into it heavily, too. Sucking him off usually got her hot also, and she could now feel her own moisture between her legs. Would she let him come now or make him wait longer? She still hadn't decided.

Wolverine was too close to the edge now. His breathing was labored, the harsh rasp of it overly loud in the otherwise silent room. A fine sheen of sweat covered his entire body, matting down the dark hair thickly covering most of it, and the smell of his musk rose intoxicatingly in the still air. His body, straining towards the source of his pleasure, was bowed out from the wall, hips pushed as far forward as his restraints allowed, arms and legs pressed back into the wall. His head was turned to the side, cheek resting on shoulder, highlighting the strongly corded muscles of his neck and shoulder. There was nothing about Wolverine that didn't scream power and strength.

It was his face, though, that drew her gaze again and again. He wasn't handsome by conventional standards, far from it, but his craggy features were an open book to those who knew him well and she knew him better than most. At that moment he was as perfect a picture of male sexual tension as she had ever seen. His eyes were screwed tightly shut and his lips were pulled back from his teeth in a snarl of frustration. All his muscles stood out in sharp relief as he came closer and closer to his climax. His concentration was so complete she wondered if he was even aware of her scrutiny.

It wasn't time, though, not for him. She gradually stopped stimulating him and watched as the absence of sensation slowly penetrated his lust-fogged brain. Logan growled menacingly and thrashed furiously against his restraints until he realized that she wouldn't start again and he was making no headway towards freeing himself.

He dragged in a deep lungful of air and pulled together some shreds of control. His erection had not subsided any. If anything, Wolverine was even harder than before and feeling pushed to the limits of sanity. He looked down at her and correctly read the signs of her own arousal; her flushed cheeks, her swollen breasts and rock hard nipples, and her own rapid, shallow breathing. "Aw, darlin', you want it bad, dontcha?" he grated. "Too bad I can't help ya out. I know ya remember what it feels like. It drives ya crazy when I give it to ya hard and fast, doesn't it, darlin'? You love it when I push ya over the edge and make ya scream for me, baby, dontcha?"

She drank in the hoarseness of his voice and the tension in his body. "You know I do, Logan. I've never lied to you about that. But you can help me, even if you can't help yourself."

She rose from her knees, sliding up along his leg. Standing up fully, she rubbed her crotch against his hip. He felt her heat and wetness as she stimulated herself and felt the frenzy growing within himself. Her face was just level with his and only inches away. With a sudden lunge Logan captured her lips with his, willing her to return and prolong the kiss.

Her eyes opened wide from surprise, giving her the appearance of a startled doe. Wolverine looked steadily into those dark, expressive eyes and thought he saw a softening. She too kept her eyes open, wanting to share the erotic excitement of watching her lover's face. She brought both hands up to his face and threaded her fingers through the thick black hair at his temples. Holding him still she slanted her mouth across his and opened herself to his invasion. Try as she might she had never been the one to control their kissing. Logan had always reserved that privilege for himself and even now, bound but not subdued, he was in control. His tongue slid into her mouth, sensuously gliding and exploring. Her lips softened under his assault, her tongue brushing his seductively. Lord, but it felt good to taste his mouth again. He was smoky and spicy and all male animal. She wondered if she might be able to come soon just from the incredible sensations his mouth was eliciting and decided she wouldn't wait to find out.

Never breaking contact, she moved to Logan's front and took his thick cock in her hand. She rubbed the angry purple head against her clitoris and along her lips, moaning in pleasure. She positioned him at her entrance and hesitated only a second before slamming her hips into his, seating him firmly inside her.

His groan was somewhere between and growl and a scream and she realized he would come almost immediately if she moved too soon. Instead, she tore her lips from his and placed a series of small kisses along his jaw. She bit softly into the thick muscle where his neck and shoulder met and used her tongue to trace a line of scorching heat back up the side of his neck to just behind his ear.

The feverish heat of her mouth, so hot and insistent, couldn't compete, though, with the other heat that encompassed him. Hardly distracted, his attention was focused completely on their joined bodies. Logan, too, knew that he couldn't last much longer but also knew, restrained as he was in this position, there was little he could do to control the outcome. He opened his eyes and looked down along the length of her small, hard body impaled so intimately on his. He sensed the extent of the control she was exerting to keep herself still and was impressed at how much she had obviously learned over the years. Patience and self-control had never been her strongest suits in her younger days. At times he had despaired of ever reigning in some of her more outrageous inclinations but it had been her exuberant impulsiveness and sheer love of life that drew him to her originally. He fervently hoped that youthful high-spiritedness would always remain with her.

But now, momentarily distracted from the tidal wave of sexuality that was threatening to engulf him, he found that he could watch his captor more closely and he was amazed at what he saw. The look of concentration on her face was fierce. She seemed to be waging some inner war with herself and appeared to be on the verge of losing. Her fine features were drawn together with just the tip of her pink tongue jutting out between her teeth. Mesmerized, he watched as her head slowly fell back and her tongue licked tantalizingly at her lips before disappearing again. She deliberately brushed her breasts across his chest again and again, hard nipples just grazing the thick hair. Her breathing was becoming more labored and the bite of her small fingers into his shoulders intensified. Logan felt the gentle motion of her hips barely moving against his and watched as her thrusts progressively intensified. She was thoroughly absorbed in fucking herself on him, unaware of the breathtakingly erotic picture she was presenting.

He was entranced with watching her and was only marginally aware that watching was all he could do now. Suddenly the tight clamp of her muscles around his deeply imbedded penis brought him jarringly back to consciousness of his current situation. He ached to grab her narrow hips in his hands and hold her down while he gave her what he knew they both longed for. The frustration flooded back and, knowing that neither of them could last much longer, he resolved to end it immediately.

"C'mon, darlin'," he growled low and hoarse. "Fuck me, baby, fuck me good." His voice was urgent and vaguely threatening as he goaded her on. "Give it to me, darlin'. Ooh yeah, that's it. More, c'mon, harder. Oh, yeah, YEAH!"

His harsh, desperate voice was a spur that drove her on, harder and faster. She pumped against him with increasing force, squeezing her muscles against him rhythmically, loving his hardness inside her, and determined to gain that elusive satisfaction that seemed just beyond her reach. Finally Wolverine began returning her thrusts in a wild frenzy that gave her the push she needed to achieve her climax. As the fire flamed inside her she shuddered violently, feeling the arcs of electricity shooting through her. Calling Logan's name as he had promised, she collapsed against him, half-mindless in her pleasure.

The feel of her orgasm pushed Wolverine beyond his limits. The tight clasp of her warmth, her blazing wet heat and the sound of his name in her passion-roughened voice broke whatever tenuous control he might have had. His orgasm was ripped from him violently, a feeling as savagely primal as any he had ever experienced. Head thrown back and body arched, he howled his satisfaction loudly.

For minutes they hung together, savoring the afterglow, letting their overheated bodies cool in the chill air. Finally she broke the contact, kissing him with a surprising tenderness before backing away.

"Get some rest, Logan," she whispered, drawing her hand down his cheek in a gentle caress. "You're going to need it."

He bared his teeth at her in a dreadful parody of a smile as she left, leaving him alone, naked, and bound, the scent of their lovemaking still heavy in the room, a poignant reminder of times past.

Willing himself to dismiss memories of what had just transpired, Wolverine forced himself to focus on potential plans of escape and grinned evilly as he considered various methods of retribution. No doubt, revenge would be sweet and he intended to enjoy it to the fullest.

However, as the inevitable exhaustion claimed him and he drifted towards an uneasy sleep, his thoughts were not of vengeance or reprisal, but of a beautiful dark-haired woman whose very presence gave him some measure of that inner peace he had sought as long as he could remember.

* * * * *

It seemed like only minutes but, in truth, Wolverine had no idea how long he had slept. His dreams had been full of disturbing images intermittently broken up by brighter, happier visions. She had figured prominently in all of them. In some, she was in mortal danger and he could only stand by impotently, raging uselessly at fate as she struggled single-handedly for her life. In others they confronted and overcame an endless series of perils together, fighting back to back in perfect synchronization like a well-oiled invincible machine. In others still they were ordinary lovers, sharing a light caress, a secret smile, and a knowing look. The pleasant dreams were far fewer than he cared to dwell on.

Despite the fitful sleep Wolverine was more than ready to face her again. Even without a functioning healing factor he knew he could go for days on end, under any type of stress, without sleep. He only needed to keep alert and have his wits about him, keeping vigilant for whatever small opportunity might present itself. There would be an opening and he would be ready to take it.

He didn't have long to wait. A door opened and clanged shut resoundingly. The soft footfalls told him who was approaching and his body tensed in anticipation. She stopped outside the inhibitor field and peered at him, attempting to discern his state of wakefulness. She looked utterly refreshed and was now dressed in loose-fitting street clothes. Pity. He loved watching the athletic grace of her movements in her body-hugging uniforms. "Aw, cut the crap, Wolverine," he sniggered to himself. "You just like watching her near-naked, is all." Couldn't argue with himself on that one.

"Well, you're looking rested up," she said brightly.

She advanced on him again and this time, instead of the gentle ripple of energy as she breached the inhibitor field, there was an audible cracking and rending as though something hard and brittle was breaking apart. She looked confused and whipped her head around to find the source of the disturbance. In that moment of her inattention Wolverine realized that the field had failed and instinctively pulled at his bonds, hearing them shear away from the wall with a decisive snap. The adrenaline rushed through him in conjunction with the reawakened effects of his healing factor and he felt like his old self - ready ta mix it up and just lookin' for the party.

Her reaction time didn't stand a chance against his but she made the attempt, aware that her powers were now fully available to her, too. She raised her hands, ready to hit him with everything she had, knowing that she could only stun him fleetingly, maybe give herself a small headstart on escape. She hadn't a chance against Wolverine in full possession of all his mutant abilities but she wouldn't surrender quietly if she had anything to say about it.

She ultimately had very little to say about it. Seeing her poised to attack Wolverine launched himself at her midsection in a powerful flying tackle. He caught her around her waist and rolled with her in mid-air, turning and wrapping himself around her body so that they landed with her on top, Wolverine's adamantium-laced body absorbing the brunt of the fall. He wanted to take her down, not kill her.

Without waiting to catch her breath she gathered her legs under her and pushed out at Wolverine, taking advantage of his momentarily loosened grip to break free. She heard a breathy "oof" behind her and felt a quick pang of regret at having hurt him but pushed that out of her mind as soon as she heard the enraged growl that immediately followed. She rolled back to her feet and broke towards the door, hoping to put as much distance between them as quickly as possible. A head-on confrontation was not an option. If his feelings towards her gave her a slight edge in battle it was only smart to take advantage of it. He had taught her how to think while fighting and she had been an adept pupil. In this case flight was not cowardly, it was the best available option.

She was within arm's length of the heavy door when she felt a hand clamp vise-like around her wrist and spin her around roughly. Momentum brought her crashing into Wolverine's solid chest and caused her to stumble. A quick glance at his face gave her brief pause. His eyes were narrowed, his lips were drawn back in a snarl, and his glower was ferocious. What's more, as she fell into his body she felt the stab of hot iron in her belly and realized that once again he had a raging erection. Her breath caught in her throat and she quickly opted to take advantage of her loss of balance. She let her body go limp and braced herself to fall at his feet and roll away once more.

Wolverine's reactions were quicker, though. He correctly read her intentions and, as soon as he felt her begin to go limp, tightened his grip on her wrist and wrapped his other arm firmly around her waist. She looked up at him in shock and was met by a self-satisfied smirk. "I taught ya that one, kid, remember?"

Still holding her closely he hooked one bare leg around her ankle and pulled, putting her off balance and causing them both to drop to the cold floor. He took most of the fall on his forearms, sparing her his crushing weight, but keeping the heft of his lower body firmly on top of her to prevent another escape. Angrily she fixed him with a defiant stare and pushed against his unyielding bulk, squirming desperately in an attempt to free herself.

"You just keep movin' like that, darlin'," he said, his amused grin broadening into a thoroughly wicked smile. "This is gettin' better all the time."

He easily trapped both her wrists in one hand and pulled them above her head. He rolled to the side, keeping one strong leg thrown over both of hers. His cock was pressed tightly to her thigh and her sinuous wriggling was making this a very enjoyable experience. All too soon for him she realized that all she was accomplishing was further inflaming Wolverine's already overheated passions and she abruptly stopped struggling.

Wolverine looked down along the stretched line of her body, pausing briefly at her still heaving chest and bucking hips. His eyes narrowed in anticipation and he could feel the thick pulse in his cock throbbing incessantly. He leaned over and gently ran his tongue along the inside curve of her ear. She moaned softly and arched her body towards him.

"Yer beautiful, darlin'," he whispered hotly in her ear. His tongue traced a line of scorching wet heat along her neck and collarbone. His roughly stubbled cheeks brushed against her smooth skin in sharp contrast to the lush softness of his lips as his mouth reached her shirt collar and he nuzzled at the base of her throat. A battle raged within her, as part of her fiercely wanted to win the contest they were now engaged in. Another part simply wanted to surrender fully to Logan - anything at all to get as much of him as possible.

"Let me go, Logan," she pleaded. "Let me touch you, please."

"Um-uh, darlin'." He looked into her eyes and shook his head. "It's my show now."

SNICKT. The sound of his claws extending was jarringly loud and grated harshly against her frayed nerves. In delicate mimicry of her earlier action he traced a single claw along the curves of her body, cleanly splitting her clothes in two. Retracting his claws he followed the same path with his thick fingers, pushing the useless fabric aside and baring her body to his burning gaze once again.

Swooping down he seized one pink nipple in his mouth, suckling and teasing until the pink bud hardened under his tongue. She tossed her head in response, sighing her pleasure. Logan's hand captured her other breast, feeling its weight fill his hand as if made to measure. His thumb flicked over the nipple before pinching and squeezing lightly, causing her to jump under his touch.

His mouth never left her breast while his hand slid down along her body, fingers skimming lightly and igniting trails of flame wherever he touched. Her body flowed into his touch, undulating into his hand, following his lead. His hand settled on her flat belly, just above the dark triangle of her pubic hair. He rubbed in gentle circles, as if to soothe the violent quivering that his attentions had caused. His tender touch was maddening and she bucked into his hand and pushed herself harder against the heavy leg restraining her.

Her whimpers grew louder and gradually coherent words formed. "Please, Logan. . . please. . . oh, don't. . . please. . . "

"Please what, darlin'?" he chuckled. "I told you, this is my show now. My rules this time. Still wanna play?"

Mindlessly she nodded. Anything to get more of him.

"I didn't hear ya, darlin'. D'ya want me ta stop?" His hand trailed lower, tangling in her pubic hair, coming so close but not close enough.

Damn him, she thought. She wanted to scream, to cry, but mostly she wanted frantically to come. "No, Logan. Don't stop. Whatever you do, don't stop," she whispered. She closed her eyes to avoid seeing the superior smile she was certain would be creasing his features now.

"Don't worry, baby," he said, his voice unexpectedly kind. "I won't ever stop."

He cupped his large warm hand over her crotch and moved his leg off hers. A surge of lust flooded through him as he felt her legs part of their own accord. Slowly he slipped a thick finger insider her. G-d, she was so hot and wet it was all he could do not to roll on top of her and thrust into her heedlessly seeking his own pleasure. Instead he worked his finger slowly in and out, increasing his speed gradually. The scent of her arousal was delicious, tearing at him, shredding his control. He pushed another finger into her and felt a rush of satisfaction as she thrust harder against him. She had lost the use of language completely and her soft pleas had turned into wordless moans and harsh gasps that pushed his arousal to the limit.

In addition to the fingers inside her he was using his thumb to brush her clitoris. He could feel how close she was to coming. Her entire body twisted into his hand, all sensations focused solely on the action of his fingers.

"I want you now," he growled, his breath hot in her ear, his words fanning the flames higher. "Tell me that you want me. I wanna hear ya say it."

"Oh, yes, Logan, yes. I want you now." Her voice rose on the final word, turning her statement into a demand rather than a capitulation.

He nodded approvingly. "That's good, darlin'." He released her wrists and moved to kneel between her spread legs, effortlessly lifting a leg over each shoulder. Wariness flickered fleetingly in her expression as she looked up at Logan. She suddenly felt very open and vulnerable and from this position he seemed to loom even larger and more intimidating than usual. Her gaze followed his movements as, lost in the moment, Logan ran his hands down from her ankles to her thighs, dipped under her to caress her firm ass, and moved back up to her legs.

Logan took his cock in his fist and ran his hand the length of it twice before positioning himself at her entrance. Its head was an angry red and glistened with drops of pre-cum seeping from its slit. Her tongue darted out reflexively, wanting to taste the salty-sweetness. She pushed her hips up at him aching to urge his entry along, but this position offered no leverage. She was forced to wait as he rubbed himself against her, much as she had done earlier. The pleasure was sweet but the teasing contact just wasn't enough.

Eventually Logan had enough of the game and slowly, hands grasping her hips tightly, pushed himself into her. When he was fully hilted he held still for a moment and she stared at him in disbelief. His head was thrown back, exposing the strong column of his neck. His chest heaved with the effort of his control. The muscles of his hard thighs lay flexed under her and she could feel his balls pressed tight and heavy against the curve of her ass. It never failed to amaze her that the man who wielded such visceral strength and potency could control it to this extent and did so willingly for her.

As if sensing her thoughts Logan opened his eyes directly into hers and she gasped at the smoldering heat she saw there. Without pause he pulled back, thrusting into her hard and strong. They gasped simultaneously as Logan stabbed into her more deeply than before. Holding her hips tightly he thrust into her again and again, burying himself deeply, his full, heavy balls slapping her ass rhythmically. His intensity was almost painful but the pleasure was profound. Bolts of electricity shot through her body at random intervals morphing into a continuous lightning storm as her climax neared. She writhed in his grip, twisting, moaning, and seeking more contact. Logan's blunt fingers flicked over her clitoris and she arched up towards him, frozen with only her shoulders in contact with the floor. Almost unable to breathe she pushed into his hand and wildly tossed her head, wordlessly begging for his touch.

Logan no longer wanted to wait for his release. A single thrust took him far into her depths, pressing her knees back to her shoulders and pushing her over the edge. The flames licked at her, rising from her groin to her nipples and raging along every point where their bodies were in contact. A sparkling rainbow of fireworks exploded behind her eyes and she was pulled along willingly in the tide of her orgasm.

A raw growl rose from deep within Wolverine, rising in volume as the rippling of her muscles pulled and kneaded at his penis. The heat rolled off of him in waves as an avalanche of sensation crashed through him and he came hard and long snarling her name - a simultaneous curse and blessing.

Exhaustion nagged at him and he collapsed heavily on top of her, not wanting to lose the sweet feeling of being inside her and having her in his arms. Capturing her passion-bruised lips in a soft kiss he rolled onto his back, pulling her along with him and cradling her against his broad chest. With his lips pressed lightly to her temple and her fingers tangled in the soft, thick hair at the back of his neck, the call of sleep was too hard to resist.

One thing only would not let her fall into an easy rest. With difficulty she lifted her head and questioned blearily, "Log'n?"

Quietly, one hand gently stroking the length of her back, he answered. "I'm here, darlin'."

"Log'n? Love you." The words trailed off dreamily as her head sank back down to his chest and deep sleep finally claimed her.

A warm smile creased Logan's face as he, too, finally surrendered to his fatigue.

* * * * *

"Darlin'. . . " Logan bit softly at her ear and chuckled as she scowled and sleepily batted a hand at him. "Jubilee, time to wake up, darlin'."

"Mmff. . . later. . . no' now. . . tired."

Wolverine lay still for another minute enjoying the warm feeling of her body pressed to his. He ran his hands down her back, raking his fingernails gently and then soothing with his fingertips. His eyes sparkled devilishly as he caressed the smooth, firms cheeks of her ass and then sharply pinched her bottom.

Jubilee yelped and abruptly rolled off him, glaring at him in accusation while rubbing at her sore rear. "Humph! You didn't have to do that to get me up. Bully!"

Logan barely contained a bark of outright laughter. "Well, I did know another way to get ya up but I don't think we have time for that now."

She grinned happily as Logan reached out and gathered her back to his side. She rested her head on his shoulder and threw an arm around his waist.

"Seriously, Jubes, how did you pull all this off? You must be gettin' really good at programming. This was amazing."

"Yeah, I'm pretty impressed, too." She rolled over and smiled at Logan, her chin propped in her hands. "I've been spending a lot of time with Scott and Hank learning how to program Danger Room simulations. Cyke's sooo thrilled that I'm trying to learn something useful for a change," she rolled her eyes comically, "and Hank just likes having the company sometimes. It can be fun, too, 'specially when I can get results like this." She stretched luxuriously and jumped to her feet, searching for the spare sets of clothing she had stashed for just this eventuality.

Logan crossed his arms behind his head and watched a naked Jubilee pad around the Danger Room. The view was not too shabby and he could feel himself beginning to stir again. He shook his head in wonder, amazed once again at the unpredictable fortune that had brought him his lover - the little girl he had known for years who had turned into the caring, beautiful, playful woman who continued to surprise him at every turn. Maybe just every so often life didn't suck all that badly.

He stood up in time to be hit in the middle by a bundled up wad of sweats. "C'mon, Wolvie. The gang'll be back from the movies soon and I don't think I wanna explain why I'm standing around bare-assed in the Danger Room. Wanna grab a Coke and shoot some pool?"

"Make it a coupla brews and yer on, darlin'. Wanna lay a bet on the game, Jubes?"

Innocence didn't become Wolverine at all and Jubilee wasn't taken in for a second by the guileless tone of his voice. Still she grinned mischievously and the devil glinted in her eyes as she looked back over her shoulder at him.

"Sure thing! You know how much I love playing with balls!"

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