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Notes: You knew it was coming. Damn E! Damn their teaser. Damn them all. Also, this is written PRE X2 Viewing, so yes. I'm making it all up and know it's not right. But hey. Fanfic. It's my right. :p

She knows I can smell her, even before I open my eyes. She smells good, surprisingly good--like fresh spring after the rain. She smells soft and feminine. She smells like someone you'd want to wake up next to, someone safe.

It's always seemed a little surreal.

She knows I can smell her, but it doesn't really matter. Whoever chained me down didn't want me getting back up--though fuck knows I've tried. I spent two hours fighting against the restraints, but that was all. Two hours was long enough to know that I wasn't getting out until someone let me out.

I can feel her now, touching my leg, letting her fingers run up my side.

I don't open my eyes, because I don't want confirmation that any of us have gone over to the other side. The side of the government with their needles and their tests and their little white rooms. . .

The sudden weight across my hips startles me into opening my eyes.

Mystique is straddling my body, the smile on her face predatory.

I close my eyes, and ignore her. Ignore her as she pushes her body against mine, ignore her as she moves up against me.

I don't ignore her when her tongue swipes across my ear. "Get the fuck off of me!"

She pulls back, a little smiling teasing at her lips. "Not the right flavor?"

White hair spills over her shoulders, over a chest showing well shaped breasts above a scandalously low cut shirt. It brushes my face as she leans closer. "Is this better?"

"I said, get the fuck--"

There are lips against mine, and damn that woman is enthusiastic.

I bite her.

She laughs. "Still not good enough, hmm?" I can see the change, watch the red hairs grow through the white, see the skin grow pale and the nose grow narrow. Jean stares down at me, laughing. "Do you like red-heads?"

"Fuck you." I buck my hips, trying to dislodge her, trying to spill her to the floor.

She laughs and clenches her legs around me, shaking her head. "You can't get rid of me that easy."

I can't get rid of her. . . but I can't figure out what she's doing here, either. She's certainly not a member of their military organization. The men who have me chained to a table like a lab rat wouldn't be too fond of Mystique with her blue skin and yellow eyes.

Maybe she tricked them into letting her in.

Maybe they know she's here and are letting her torture me for fun.


She leans forward again, one hand on either side of my head. Her hair changes again, darkening, lengthening. Chunks of white hair tickles my cheeks as Rogue's lips pout at me. "You want me to go?"

"Fuck you." I want to spit at her. . . but I can't. I know it's not Rogue, I know it's not, but I can't.

She sits up, and gloved hands run down a smooth, young body. "Is this what you want?" Rogue's voice drawls. "Dirty old man . . ."

"I don't want shit from you."

Those lips turn up into a smile, and I clench my teeth as a well-curved ass presses into my hips. "Liar."

She's right above me again, and I'm looking into brown eyes that don't hold the least hint of yellow. "So that's your weakness . . ."

I blink. "What?"

She kisses me.

It smells wrong, but it feels better than I want it to. I can almost pretend--almost pretend that it's Rogue, that she's safe, that I'm touching her.

I want to be touching her.

And suddenly I am touching her, my hands on her hips as she bites my lower lip, grinding against me. My fingers clench against her waist, finding bare skin between her shirt and her pants, and it's the bare skin that shocks me.

Our positions are reversed before she knows it, Rogue's body pinned under mine, my fist to her throat--but suddenly I'm not thinking about sex. "How did you get my arms unbound?"

Rogue's face smiles up at me. "A present from Magneto. I suppose you haven't heard, being locked up in here. . . but we're on the same side for now."

"Bullshit. If you were here to rescue me, what was with the peep show?" I press my fist tighter against her throat in obvious threat, but she just laughs.

"We're on the same side . . . for now." Rogue's face disappears as suddenly as it had reappeared, and I'm staring down at myself. "It never hurts to know an enemies weakness."

I should be disturbed by how much easier I find it to plunge claws into my own throat, but as far as I'm concerned, it's all to the good right now. "And if I kill you now?"

My features blur into Mystique's, and she smiles. "And when you go back without me? Magneto has your precious Rogue within his grasp."

I swear.

"Be a good boy, and let's go meet our friends." Her smile turns vicious, and I'm staring down at Rogue again. "Unless you'd like to play first?" Rogue's drawl is soft, husky. "You could have her without guilt . . ."

I stand up and start towards the door, mocking laughter following behind me. I've given away my weakness to the one person who might use it. I've put Rogue in danger.

When this is over, I'm taking her and leaving. Fuck learning to grow up and be a good little mutant. Fuck being a hero.

I'll take her somewhere safe. And then she won't be my weakness.

She'll be my strength.

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