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Moonlight Lake  by  Alex SisterWolf
Comicverse. How to make two lovers out of friends...
Logan/Storm. Rated NC17.


Late Chances  by  CL
Comicverse. Part One of the X-Men: Chances series. Logan supports Storm at her weakest point and possibly builds the strongest bond ever between them.
Logan/Storm. Rated PG13.


Breaking Up is Hard to Do  by  Dee
Movieverse. Part Five of Loss of Composure. That which does not kill us only makes us stronger.
Cyclops/Storm. Rated R.

Ghost of Christmas Past  by  Dee
Movieverse. Part One of Loss of Composure. With Christmas memories flooding him, Scott realises he needs to work through this spectre of Jean that still haunts him. And maybe this will be possible, with Ororo's help.
Cyclops/Storm. Rated PG.

Imaginings and Intimacy  by  Dee
Movieverse. Part Four of Loss of Composure. What comes next. Whaddya think's gonna happen? Get yer minds back in the gutter.
Cyclops/Storm. Rated NC17.

Moonlight and Memories  by  Dee
Movieverse. Part Three of Loss of Composure. It's the morning after the night before, and Ororo and Scott have to figure out where they go from a careful kiss in the moonlight and a haze of alcohol.
Cyclops/Storm. Rated R.

Nine Lives  by  Dee
Movieverse. Part Seven of Loss of Composure. Love, loss, memories and moonlight to round out the series. During a mission, Scott's world comes crashing down.
Cyclops/Storm. Rated R.

No More Secrets  by  Dee
Movieverse. Part Six of Loss of Composure. Ororo wonders if it's all over before it's really begun. Scott proves it isn't.
Cyclops/Storm. Rated NC17.

Truth or Dare  by  Dee
Movieverse. Part Two of Loss of Composure. Scott has a new interest, and a drunken midnight game of truth or dare might be just what he needs to help him get it into the open.
Cyclops/Storm. Rated R.


The Day After - Storm Strikes Back  by  Imag
Comicverse. Sequel to "A Valentine for Storm" It's February 15th and Storm has come up with a way to thank logan for her V-Day present.
Logan/Storm. Rated PG13.

For the Good of Mankind - and Other Flamin' BS  by  Imag
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Comicverse. This is NOT a sequel to "Heart of a Warrior" but it would help to read all previous stories first. Storm puts together a team to investigate the disappearance of mutants from a California College. Plenty of action for the RoLo Combo - and a rough ride for Jubilee.
Logan/Storm. Rated PG13.

The Heart of a Warrior  by  Imag
Comicverse. This is NOT a sequel to "Storm's Night Out" but it would help to read all previous stories first. Wolverine's worst fear comes to light when Storm is critically injured. What will he do?
Logan/Storm. Rated PG13.

On Bended Knee  by  Imag
Comicverse. Sequel to Heart of a Warrior. Wolverine attempts to propose to Storm. Will he succeed?
Logan/Storm. Rated PG.

Storm's Night Out  by  Imag
Comicverse. Storm needs a break and convinces Wolverine to go with her.
Logan/Storm. Rated PG.

A Valentine for Storm  by  Imag
Comicverse. A Storm/Wolverine story centering on Valentine's day. Read "Storm's Night Out" and "Wolverine's Nigmtmare" first - it'll help. It's a different side of Logan . . . one more "written" than "spoken," Be warned - it has poetry in it.
Logan/Storm. Rated PG13.

Wolverine's Nightmare  by  Imag
Comicverse. This is NOT a sequel to "Storm's Night Out" but it would help to read it first. Their relationship proceeds but runs into a that threatens to destroy it.
Logan/Storm. Rated PG13.

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