Fiction by Character
Stories Featuring Mystique


A Question of Lust  by  Alex SisterWolf
Movieverse. A question of lust.
Logan/Mystique. Rated R.


Just Like Prometheus  by  Ayla Olson
Movieverse. Wolverine is taken to the brink of insanity and death by a vengeful and twisted Mystique.
Logan/Mystique. Rated NC17 for mental/physical torture and non-consensual sexual themes.


Winner Takes All  by  Dee  
Movieverse. Mystique waits. A vignette of a slightly dark nature.
Logan/Mystique. Rated R.


Mystique-Wanting-Grass  by  Rocky-Cat
Movieverse. Response to Challenge in a Can.
Logan/Mystique. Rated PG13.

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