Fiction by Character
Stories Featuring Multiple Partners


A Helping Hand  by  Azurine
Comicverse. Sometimes we all need a little help.
Logan/Cyclops/Colossus. Rated NC17.


A Reasonable Compromise  by  FyrDrakken
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Movieverse. Logan takes too long to come home and finds someone else beat him to Marie.
Logan/Rogue/Gambit. Rated NC17.


Tonight  by  Libby Edwards
Comic/Movieverse. Logan and Jean and Remy make three.
Logan/Jean/Gambit. Rated NC17.


From Professor X, With Love  by  Mercutio  
Alternaverse. Sequel to Revenge is a Dish Best Served by Generation X. When Xavier is hit by telepathic backlash, the X-Men on hand at the mansion are affected in a deeply sexual manner.
Logan/Jubilee/Gambit. Rated NC17.


Ultimate Encounter  by  Paxnirvana
Logan/Jean/Gambit. Rated NC17.

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