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Stories Featuring Iceman


Zero Plus One  by  Azurine
Comicverse. "At first, everyone chalked it up to hero worship brought on by Logan's involvement in their escape from Weapon X. Logan surprised them all by tolerating the attention with what passed for good-natured humor, Wolverine-style. He's not sure what amazes the others more: Bobby's attachment to him, or the fact that he appears to reciprocate."
Logan/Iceman. Rated PG13.


Change in Perspective  by  Elizabeth Wilde
Movieverse. Bobby has doubts about Marie's feelings for him.
Rogue/Iceman. Rated PG.

Watching  by  Elizabeth Wilde
Movieverse. Bobby writes in a journal to work out his feelings after Rogue breaks up with him.
Rogue/Iceman; Rogue/Gambit. Rated PG.


William Tell  by  Serial Karma
Movieverse. Post X2. Companion to Devil's in the Details. They play this game.
Pyro/Iceman. Rated R.

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