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Don't Jump to Conclusions  by  Cassandra West
Movieverse. Silly bit of fluff about how easily actions can be misconstrued.
General. Rated PG.


ConneXions  by  Dee
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Alternaverse. The Austentatious X-Men. The story retold in an early 19th century setting.
General. Rated PG13.


Dispensing the Shopping  by  Dyce
Comicverse. The aftermath of a simple trip to the store.
General. Rated PG.


The Avatar Series  by  Gax   
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Alternaverse. Wolverine. Nightcrawler. Beast. Xavier. Colossus. Storm. Jean. Cyclops. Chaos descends in the form of a willful stripper who eats too much meat.
General. Rated R.


Shades of Black  by  Lachlanrose
Alternaverse. Sometimes, not everything is the same in the dark.
General. Rated R.


Stephen King Had It Right  by  Shade
Movieverse. Sequel to A Man's Worst Fear. Thursday night is movie night at Xavier's School. Thanks to some pranksters, this night it happens to be the horror classic Carrie.
General. Rated PG13.

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