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Don't Jump to Conclusions  by  Cassandra West
Movieverse. Silly bit of fluff about how easily actions can be misconstrued.
General. Rated PG.


Reaching Out  by  Catlover
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Movieverse. One Year After the movie, Logan returns to the mansion, feeling conflicted over his growing affection for Rogue. Obstacles and disapproval work together to try to keep the pair apart. Can their love help them find their way to one another?
Logan/Rogue. Rated NC17.


Fever Dreams  by  Chris
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Logan/Original Character. Rated NC17.


Starlight  by  Chris
Movieverse. Post X2. The aftermath of Jean's death, through Scott's eyes.
Cyclops/Jean. Rated G.


Late Chances  by  CL
Comicverse. Part One of the X-Men: Chances series. Logan supports Storm at her weakest point and possibly builds the strongest bond ever between them.
Logan/Storm. Rated PG13.


Remember Me  by  Cynthia Lee
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Movieverse. Sequel to That's for Rememberance. Logan loses his adamantium. Mina returns. Much angst ensues.
Logan/Original Character. Rated R.

That's for Remembrance  by  Cynthia Lee
Logan/Original Character. Rated R.

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